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SEO is not just about ensuring your website is optimised for the customer but is about promoting your brand online to the right audience to increase organic traffic to your website. We do this through Outreach.

Whilst links are still important for a site’s authority, they are the result of SEO, not the goal. Therefore our approach consists of different areas, including blogger outreach, content marketing, social media, and link generation.

Organic Promotion

Subject Experience Optimisation

The way we see SEO is in the light of ‘subject experience optimisation’. We want to send quality traffic to our clients’ websites, i.e. people who will find exactly what they are looking for on the website. If we make sure they have a great experience whilst on the website, they are more likely to return, refer, and share.

Organic Promotion

The Zeal Approach




Our approach to outreach and SEO is an all-encompassing creative strategy. We produce creative campaigns in conjunction with the client, ensuring we get the most out of any budget and target. These campaigns include competitions, reviews, guest blogging, events, or anything suitable for your brand. We have strong relationships with bloggers and influencers in a variety of niches who constitute an effective link to promoting your brand online.

On commencing work on an existing website, we always carry out an on-page SEO audit to make sure it is optimised for the user as well as keeping the search engines happy.

Blogger Outreach Training

Are you looking to increase your organic and direct traffic, increase your online brand awareness, generate awareness about a specific product launch, or generate a buzz and coverage from an event?

Want to do it yourself but aren’t sure where to start?

Interacting with bloggers directly as a brand can be a very effective way of undertaking blogger outreach. We can provide training on how to undertake blogger outreach. We cover areas such as:

  • How to create and execute creative campaigns
  • Best practice for blogger product reviews
  • How to use blogger outreach for events

The training will start with understanding your needs and what your aim and reason for doing blogger outreach is. We will then go through areas such as how to plan an effective blogger outreach campaign, how to identify influential bloggers and how to use social media to get the most out of your campaign.

We have a track record of many successful blogger outreach campaigns. With several years’ experience in the industry and with the help of our blogger outreach network, zeal.buzz, we can help you create something special that will have the online community talking about your brand.

Social Media Training

Would you like to know more about how Outreach & SEO works? Do you need us to take a look at your website and provide SEO advice? Get in touch today!

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