Content Marketing Trends for 2014

January 6th, 2014 in Content Marketing 3 minute read

Content Marketing was the marketing buzzword of 2013 but it is set to be even more influential in 2014.

Way back in 1996, Bill Gates prophesied that, “content is where the money will be made”

A study in 2011 carried out by AOL and Nielsen found that nearly 27,000,000 pieces of web content were shared every single day! With so much content around how do you ensure that your content and message is ‘seen’ in 2014? What will Content Marketing look like in 2014?

Here are my five Content Marketing predictions for 2014:

1. Mobile Friendly Content

2014 is the year content will go mobile. People want content on the go, content they can read and digest instantly. If you see a piece of content that you want to read or watch that isn’t mobile compatible how often do you then go home and view it on desktop? Some are even predicting that mobile will overtake desktop within the next couple of years. Without a mobile content strategy you risk losing a large portion of your audience. Content that is easy to digest and viewable on mobile is the future.

2. Content Promotion

Promote every piece of content across all channels. There has been a significant shift from single channel to multi-channel content viewing. Promoting your content across channels presents your content in front of different audiences. If you create an article and just post it on your blog and nowhere else, you are wasting that piece of content. Readers view content across different platforms, from social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to websites. You could be missing a potential audience by sharing your content on just one platform.

3. Personalised Content

2014 is going to be the year of personal search. Google Now, already on Android and iOS offers quick, on demand answers and highlights a move towards a more ‘conversational’ Google. Using personal search history Google ‘remembers’ your previous searches to offer you personalised search results tailored to you.

Real-time Content Marketing involves responding to cultural context and events as they are happening. Producing topical content that engages with your audience shows that you are operating in the ‘real’ world and are in touch with what is going on culturally and historically in your audience’s lives. This personal element is important in terms of brand building and also loyalty. Real-time, relevant content can be challenging but is ultimately what sets you apart from competitors.

Location based content is something that will make more of an appearance in 2014 with some brands already using GPS technology to target consumers with location-based offers and deals.

4. Image Focused Content

2013 was the year of the infographic and this increase in visual content is going to continue. Video content in particular is going to be big in 2014 with trends suggesting that people are watching longer pieces of video content online and on mobile and tablet devices. Rather than short snippets of video, with technological advancements more people are watching video content on the move than ever before.

5. New Technology

With new technology such as the Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch it is worth thinking about how new technology might affect content. Certainly, tablet and smartphone advances in recent years have contributed to the significant rise in video content and image heavy pieces. What might 2014’s new technology mean for content? We will have to wait and see!

Your New Year content resolution for 2014 should be to create shareable, actionable, visual and mobile optimised content!

At Zeal, we can help you produce your 2014 content strategy, if you want to find out any more information about our Content Marketing services or how to promote your content for mobile then please get in touch.

New Year, New Content Strategy.

Source: AOL and Nielsen content sharing study by Mitya Voskresensky, May 6th 2011

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