LinkedIn Launches Content Marketing Measuring Tool and Trending Content List

April 9th, 2014 in Content Marketing 2 minute read

When creating content you want to know how many people are reading or watching it and then engaging with your content. You can track engagement and ‘Likes’ on Facebook and through analytics but how do you compare to competitors in your industry? LinkedIn have recently introduced some new tools to help businesses track the success of their content against competitors.

Firstly they revealed a Content Marketing score which aims to measure the effectiveness of businesses LinkedIn content. They haven’t officially published how they will calculate this ‘score’ but some insiders have suggested they will work it out by taking the total number of LinkedIn members who are engaging with the content, divided by the total audience of users you want to reach, which should supposedly tell you what fraction of your target LinkedIn audience you are actually reaching. It will look at branded groups, your posts, employee’s posts, any sponsored updates and also posts from company ‘influencers’.

You can then compare your score against competitors and benchmark your content. The rankings are completely anonymous, your score will be private no-one else will be able to see your score. Any business can apply for their personalised score. The new tools are only for businesses not individual profiles and are free to sign up for.

The new scoring tool will also let you filter your score based on region and industry so you can see how ‘successful’ your content is amongst your particular industry.

The second new addition LinkedIn revealed is a ‘trending topics’, similar to Facebook’s ‘Trending’ feature. It will highlight what topics and content are of interest to users and which pieces of content have been shared amongst your target audience. It will rank content so you can see what topics generate engagement which is extremely useful for content generation and brainstorming new content ideas. You can tailor your content and see what types of content are getting shared – are more people sharing an infographic on a certain industry topic or a written piece?

LinkedIn’s senior director of global marketing, Alison Engel said “We are moving to a model where providing insights to our customers is a core strategy.” LinkedIn looked at their own Content Marketing Score to see which global industries are most effectively engaging with their members, it is encouraging to see media on the list, others who made the top ten include high tech, professional services, education and transport.

We are eagerly awaiting the Zeal Content Score!

Here at Zeal as part of our Content Marketing strategy we monitor and track the content we produce and use our findings to update our content schedules for clients to ensure we are producing content your audiences want to engage with and share. If you want to know more about our Content Marketing services then please get in touch!

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