Commercial No Longer has to Mean Formal: Get the Most out of Your Brand Online

May 22nd, 2014 in Content Marketing 2 minute read

We are in the midst of a revolution. A battle of attrition on a global scale is taking place between the tried and tested old school marketers and a new breed of increasingly tech savvy ‘new kids on the block’, that are determined to make a stand.

The first round has already been won – digital marketing is no longer the little brother. It has matured and grown so much over the past decade that digital marketing has to be considered and utilised by organisations of all shapes and sizes in order to develop an effecting marketing strategy.

The new kids may have won the battle, but the war is far from over. A new battle has emerged, a battle of formality. The old school marketers have kept to their ways, enforcing traditional B2C formalities. ‘We are the business, you are the customer, and this is our product’. Many of the big blue chip companies are just too afraid to lower the tone, too hesitant to join a conversation and risk tarnishing a reputation decades in the making.

Instead, they opt to leverage their brand equity. Having a presence on all available digital channels but not necessarily engaging with specific audiences, relying on the loyalty of the customers and the brand associations made for the product or service offering.

In the past, large budgets usually meant large exposure, which is still true to some extent; however it is no longer that simple. Marketers of old are quickly learning that the internet is no fancy boardroom, and that it is no place for cufflinks and firm handshakes. The new generation is here and they want to show the old school how it is done.

The trouble is; the current generation are so accustomed to being bombarded by adverts that they are now subconsciously filtering them out. These individuals have grown with the internet and can sense even the most camouflaged attempts at product placement online. The time has come to join in the conversation.

@TescoMobile is a big player that has recently set the benchmark for customer engagement on twitter. Doing away with any formalities, their #nojoke campaign literally served to poke fun at people and themselves, crack jokes, and generally add a sarcastic personality to a somewhat faceless corporate brand.

When someone made a remark about the mobile network on twitter, @TescoMobile bounced back with an image including the text “Did that one sound funnier in the mirror?” – The result? Over 500 retweets.

Not afraid of upsetting a handful of customers when their witty comebacks could gain hundreds more. This touch of personality is a trend that is spreading like wildfire, and could very well prove to be the future of the industry.

It’s time to rethink how you market yourselves online, and we can help. Get in touch, and we can work together to get the most out of your brand online.

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