How We Spent Valentine’s Day

February 19th, 2016 in Content Marketing 2 minute read

Don’t panic. This isn’t a pile of sleaze and cheese. There are no Bridget Joneses or Hugh Grants in the Zeal office! But this Valentine’s Day, we did help a few of our clients to show a little love.

Let’s take a look at how we helped Bed Guru to spread a little romance. Together we launched their brand new Couple’s Mattresses, with a slick new landing page, tongue-in-cheek blog posts and a thoughtful infographic. There were no empty gestures or broken hearts here!


How We Spent Valentine’s Day

We’ve been with Bed Guru for a year and a half. But when better than Valentine’s Day to introduce their Couple’s Mattresses to the world? We designed and built an interactive questionnaire, to help lovers find their perfect night’s sleep online. Our personal approach engaged would-be customers, then helped them to build a bespoke mattress designed just for two.

In words

The Bed Guru’s blog, ‘Goodnight Guru’ is going from strength to strength! And although Valentine’s Day is about professing your unconditional love for your partner, we took a more honest approach which really resonated. Sleeping side by side just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in rom-coms. That’s fine. Our content team explained what your sleeping positions say about your relationship and called out annoying sleep habits.

In pictures

How We Spent Valentine’s Day

Infographics really work for brands like Bed Guru. So we did a little digging and designing, to come up with quirky statistics on finding your perfect Valentine. Who knew we meet 80,000 people in our lifetimes? Our Valentine themed infographic was a fun way of showing how difficult it is to find someone you have everything in common with, let alone mattress preferences! But Bed Guru can help you with that.

On social

How We Spent Valentine’s Day

If something works, it makes sense to revamp and reuse it! Our blog post on annoying sleep habits is case in point. Our social team turned it into a social media competition in the run up to the most romantic day of the year, to promote, you guessed it, Bed Guru’s Couple’s Mattress.

With a Virgin Couple’s Experience Day up for grabs, over 200 brave souls tagged their partner and told us which annoying habit they have. We announced one happy couple as the winner the day after Valentine’s Day.

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