Zeal’s Favourite Christmas Toys

December 5th, 2016 in Content Marketing 9 minute read

Our Christmas decorations are up, the first festive party has been attended and here at Zeal HQ we’re really beginning to get into the seasonal spirit – so much so we’ve been taking a trip down memory lane to remember some of the MUST HAVE Christmas presents of our childhoods

Take a rummage through our virtual Zeal Christmas stocking below and find out what our favourite/funniest gifts we ever received were!


It wasn’t actually my Christmas present, it was one of my older sibling’s from the late 70’s or early 80’s, but it was the best toy we ever had to play with. It’s just a simple get the ball through the 8 stages of the maze but it generated hours of fun and competition between the siblings to do it the quickest!



One of my favourite presents (and this might be a bit weird) was comedy slippers. I’d get a new pair every year and my favourite were these giant gorilla feet – like huge. I couldn’t walk in them and they boiling hot but I loved them

Either that or Butterbear the Wuzzzle (a bit like care bears, Wuzzzles were a combination of two animals) and I got Butterbear (half bear, half butterfly) I was the envy of my best friend Jo who even 25 year later begged me not to throw it out when I moved house!

jane  jane-2


Action Man with scout helicopter. I think I was 7 and even though my sister got a Cindy Doll House and it was twice the size of my ‘big present’ box, this was the best thing ever, ever, ever!

It was the first thing I opened and I remember ripping open every other present just to get it over with so I could put it together and terrify the dog with some low passes.
I named him Captain Steve Mitchell. Captain Steve and I had many adventures over the next 2 years or so, but they came to a spectacular end when:

A) I decided to give him a shave (this ended badly and Captain Steve ended up looking more like Hobo Steve).
B) He was used as a prop in a Peep Show.

My sister and I used to put on ‘toy theatre’ for my Mum where we would create a play with our toys. We laid out chairs, made her drinks etc. – she was on a right old jolly.

However, this one afternoon we treated my Mum to a prolonged Action Man/Cindy love scene after being inspired by the previous night’s episode of Dallas…
The Dallas inspired show came to an abrupt end. The theatre closed down as my Mum confiscated Steve for the foreseeable future.


Nick Pomeroy

I was given a pink skateboard when I was around 6/7, 20 years later, 9 concussions, broken bones and ruined knees. It was the start of an obsession, I would happily go back and do it all again!



I remember being 7 and literally begging my mum for the Barbie Jet.- I actually cried when I got it… looking back I really don’t know why, it wasn’t that great and was way too heavy to pick up and pretend to fly, but you could wheel it around!

It was huge and had 2 seats for Ken and Barbie and a little drinks trolley that had cups and loads of tiny ice cubes  (these went missing almost immediately after opening) There was a microphone on it and you could pretend to be the pilot talking to the passengers – me and my sisters mostly used this for karaoke though.

I absolutely loved this toy and it definitely made my Christmas that year.



I always wanted a remote control plane. All I asked for all year was this remote control plane and finally when Christmas came I must have been good that year because there it was. Amazing!

I took it to the park on Christmas day, it was an outstanding flyer until I crashed it into a fence and a wing snapped off. That was the end of my long awaited remote control plane



Mine has to be the original Power Ranger Zords and it was cool for two reasons:

  1. Those are god damn dinosaurs and dinosaurs take no prisoners.
  2. These dinosaurs became a ROBOT. A robot who kicked butt with his elephant head shield and massive Power Sword.

Interestingly the year I got this present was the year I discovered Santa wasn’t real. I had harped on at my poor Mum for months about getting these and like two days before Christmas she must have been halfway through wrapping stuff and I went into her room, suffice to say I the only thing my 8 year old eyes locked on to was the box holding all these Mega Zords! I was totally cool, styled it out until Christmas day and then I told my Mum I knew Santa wasn’t legit.



I was always a bit of a gaming/general nerd (I say was, definitely still am) and had seen all my friends get PlayStation’s and Gameboy Colours etc. and my parents had insisted that I wait until “the next birthday” (and the one after that) to get any sort of games console.

In 1997 the Nintendo64 came out and I was so desperate for it. I would ask my parents for it daily. When Christmas arrived and I opened my presents to find no N64, I was gutted. That was until my Grandparents then came round in the afternoon, along with even more presents and the Nintendo64 was finally mine, along with virtually every game there was!

I was absolutely over the moon and demolished my Christmas lunch in record time so that I could go and play on it.

Moral of the story? If you want something, ask your Grandparents.



I remember getting a PS2 one year. I shared it with my brother and when we played Tekken 4 we thought game graphics would never ever get better than this…



I remember getting an electronic diary/organiser. It was very pink and sparkly and I think it was designed to make wish lists and write down who you had a crush on. I used it to document my brother’s every move and note down when he’d done something bad to use against him…wish I still had it!



I was 11 and I had recently discovered the joys of rap. All I wanted for Christmas was Missy Elliott’s So Addictive cd.

I was super excited when my mum bought it for me, only to realise it was the “clean” version with all the swearing removed. The lack of ‘bad’ words may have upset me, but was still one of my favourite presents ever.

That same year my sister got that strange device that electrocutes you to give you better abs. I was super jealous.



My favourite present when I was a little girl was a pretend bridal outfit which consisted of some pink plastic dress up heels, a white bridal dress, a netted veil and a pretend bouquet of flowers.

As soon as I’d put that on I would insist on walking from the top of the stairs to the bottom, shouting at my mum to hum the walking down the aisle song as she waiting at the bottom for me to get married to her. I would repeat that around 50 times.



I was pretty Barbie obsessed when I was little! I had climbing Barbie, swimming Barbie, lifeguard Barbie, skating Ken and many many more, so any Christmas I received a Barbie was a great year in my eyes!


The year I finally received my Stretch Armstrong was a pretty great Christmas. That was until I stretched him that little bit too much and he split right down the middle. Turns out Stretch Armstrong isn’t as stretchy as you’d think he’d be.



One Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a play bow and arrow. I had a great morning aiming it at objects, including the very nice vase my mum had just received as part of her Christmas present. You can guess what happened…


Nick Shepherd

I remember getting the SNES one year, which basically meant I spent the next few years wasting hours and hours playing every Super Mario game. I regret nothing!



Let me take you back to the nineties when rollerblading was still considered acceptable and action figures were still cool. What if you combined the two? Crazy, right? BAM. Action Man Roller Extreme.

As a kid, this was amazing – he’s got that badass outfit, and you could remove the wheels off his blades to have him zip-line down things using the grappling hook. Looking back, he’s not exactly the best action hero – he doesn’t really have a proper weapon. Who cares though, at the time this was the best gift ever.



There was one Christmas I vividly remember begging my parents / Santa for a refillable water cooler for my bedroom. I was so pleased when I received one on Christmas morning and it took pride of place in my bedroom for the next few hours until I remembered I didn’t like water and there would never be a situation where I would need 8 litres of water without leaving my bed.

Funnily enough, years later (when I was shamelessly old enough to know better) I was sure that the recommended amount of water an adult should drink per day was 8 litres  (As opposed to the actually amount of 8 cups) and in a bid to be healthier I spent two weeks drinking just that, every day.

Could have really done with holding on to that water cooler….

Or my Congo George T.Y teddy. He got me through some real tough tantrums growing up.

beka-2  beka


I remember desperately wanting a Furby and putting one at the very top of my Christmas List. Unfortunately, for Santa Claus every other little girl and boy that year also wanted a Furby. Luckily Santa managed to get hold of one for me and the cute little pink and grey (slightly creepy) Furby was waiting for me on Christmas Day. My dad told me years later that (to help out Santa Claus) he was sent to Toys R Us to pick up said Furby and ended up queuing for hours with scenes similar to Jingle All the Way and Turbo Man.



My favourite Christmas Present from when I was young was a toy called MadBalls. They were monster toys with heads that popped off. I loved them right up to the point my dog at that time thought it would be funny to annoy me by eating them and ruining my fun.



Oh yes, that’s a remote control guinea pig on wheel. It ‘ate’ the carrot, squeaked and ran like a demon. Little old me didn’t know they existed either, that’s the magic of Christmas, you get the unexpected. It creeped my brother out, my dog chased it around the house and it’s fluffy. Win, win


How many of these do you remember and which was your favourite? Let us know over on Twitter!

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