Raised By Humans Pt.3 – Marketing Strategy

January 4th, 2018 in Content Marketing 3 minute read

The Strategy

Brand, check. Website, check. Marketing, in progress. Launching a new brand in a highly competitive market is no easy task, and the primary objective of the marketing strategy is to raise awareness of RBH online.


Fig 1. Marketing Objectives

We need to reach interested potential customers and put the beds slap bang in front of them, to do this we built a strategy around content marketing and social media, allowing us to showcase the eye catching designs and really highlight what makes RBH different, we’re witty without being wankers remember?

Using our social monitoring software allows us to get an in-depth understanding of the pet industry and what makes our audience wag their tails. It’s clear Facebook and Instagram best suit our objectives and armed with social advertising, curated content, our own unique take on the industry and, collaborations with key bloggers we looked to engage our audience.

Fig 2. Example Facebook Post

The Content

They always say never to work with animals, but fortune favours the bold. We undertook a video and photoshoot with several of our favourite furry friends, resulting in a bank of imagery focusing on the animals rather than the product in order to show the unique personality of each dog and target the lifestyle of pet owners. From this, social videos were edited to bring colour to your favourite platforms and the pacing was carefully edited to match the upbeat nature of the brand.

Fig 3. Social Media Mobile Advert


Pets have taken Instagram by storm in recent years, so the channel was a no-brainer. Our strategy includes daily Instagram Stories to broadcast adorable content to the masses alongside visual content with strong calls to action highlighting the benefits of the products, all backed by research based hashtags that dog lovers love. As well as fantastic shots of our furry friends, we produce sponsored Instagram Stories, reaching over 20,000 people in the first month alone.

If all that wasn’t enough, we also created Instagram Ads targeting the RBH audience directly, reaching 140,000 people in the first month.

Fig 4. Example Instagram Posts


On Facebook our strategy includes a mixture of original content and related curated content that would appeal to our target audience. The Facebook Advertising strategy includes a number of different types of ad, targeting a detailed audience group. The Facebook ads reached over 77,000 people within our target audience in the first month. Our Facebook follower growth exceeded our initial target by 239% in the first month.

Fig 5. Example Facebook Posts

Community Management

Using the Instagram channel we reach out to influential dog owners and their audience, including commenting and re-sharing content from influential accounts on the RBH Instagram Stories. 1 out of 3 people replied to RBH Instagram comments ahead of our 1 in 5 target for the first month.

Fig 6. Example of Community Management

We reached out to existing customers who were posting about the RBH dog beds on Instagram and Facebook and have built relationships with them creating a loyal and engaged customer base.

Blogger Outreach

From our Zeal Buzz Blogger Network we identified influential dog owners to collaborate with and spread the word about the RBH brand. The selection process is all around their following on social media and authority in Google. In the first month of our blogger outreach activity we reached 41,000 people.

Fig 7. Example Outreach Social Post

In Conclusion

The RBH brand is all about the humans as well as the pets, with vibrant colours and high quality beds. With that in mind we created a marketing strategy that would target social users who can’t get enough of cute puppies and majestic beasts.

Through our research based approach, we creative marketing campaigns that speak to your specific audience, achieving stand out in industries that are even the most dog-eat-dog. Find out more about our content marketing services and see how we could help transform your brand.

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