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October 6th, 2015 in Design & Branding 2 minute read

Connective Leeds is an action group trying to escape from the stuffy air and quiet tedium of the term ‘action group’. We were approached to transform the topic of community support in Leeds into an eye-catching and exciting identity that could help encourage businesses to support local charities. Formed to provide a link between business and charity in the Leeds area, it’s goals are something close to our heart having tried with much difficulty to give back to our community a couple of years ago.

Through brand discovery and analysis it became clear that this wasn’t like other charity groups, rooted in their belief that “No matter who you are, everyone’s got something to give”, we realised that a more vibrant and personal approach was required to really make this brand shine.

The Name.

This is a group from Leeds and for Leeds and we wanted everyone to know it! One of the key aims is to link local businesses with the perfect local charities and communities. This formed the foundation for our process, which led to ‘Connective Leeds’.

Dictionary Connective Leeds

The Palette.

Bright tones were selected to reflect the diverse culture and exciting future of the city with the complementary colours of turquoise and orange reflecting the partnerships used to improve Leeds. The choices also aim to evoke a sense of excitement and fun, which Connective Leeds hope to promote.

Connective Leeds Colour Palette

The Identity.

33 dots for 33 Leeds City Council Wards, coupled with the connections between, forms the city’s outline, reinforcing the local emphasis of the group and the necessary links between all involved. Connective Leeds is overlaid, set in Bebas Neue, a sans-serif that’s straightforward with an element of warmth, suiting the core beliefs of Connective Leeds. The gradated lines further representing the link between business and charity, each identified by a different hue.

Connective Leeds Identity

The Imagery.

Two distinct styles are used in the supporting imagery. The first and most evident is the satellite imagery. Used as the holding image for the identity, this further provides locality to the system as it nests on top of the Leeds area. The second style is the lifestyle photography, using real people, interesting composition and an attention to emotion. This imagery can really bring the materials to life, never feeling stale, promoting real engagement and enthusiasm.

Connective Leeds Imagery

On behalf of everyone who now works and collaborates under  the title of Connective Leeds we wanted to say a huge thank you to Zeal for your time and in creating and designing the brand. With Connective Leeds including the council, charities, businesses, social enterprises and foundations all with very strong and differing views coming up with a brand that everyone was going to be happy with seemed a very big ask.

After listening to everyone’s input and producing the first draft I was amazed and by how well received it was by all parties. With some very minor tweaks to the design I think you have created the near impossible, coming up with something that everyone has got behind. We have already started using it for our first event as an ‘organisation’ at Leeds Business week. Thanks again for your help!

David Price, SmartAid


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