Raised By Humans Pt.1 – Brand Creation

December 5th, 2017 in Design & Branding 3 minute read

The Brief

To create a new breed of pet brand, a brand that puts design first without losing the quality that is tantamount to the market. The pet market is broadly made up of traditional brands, clad in tweed, suited to country homes and an older audience. Where’s the love for the urban living, design-conscious consumer of today? The consumer that meticulously picks out every item in their home and don’t want to compromise when it comes to a functional, often ugly product. We set out to change that and form a brand that was admired by humans, loved by dogs.

Fig 1. Market Analysis & Opportunity Identification

The Name

We undertook Brand Discovery to get to the bottom of what the new brand stands for, resulting in a Brand Wheel that can guide decisions going forwards. With the new values in hand of “vibrant, high quality, modern, playful, brave, on-trend” we set to work on naming the company.

As the proposition is centred around the uncompromising design of the products we explored various naming devices that would position the dog owner at the heart of the brand with the pet being secondary. This was in response to the idea that pets aren’t that fussy, but humans are. Alongside this is the notion that many pet owners regard their pets as their children, and what parent wants a second rate product for their child. A comfy and high-quality dog bed would be enjoyed by all pets, whereas this audience is buying primarily based on easy to clean, quality of product and above all; will it work in my home.

Fig 2. Brand Name Ideation

This led to the name Raised By Humans. A brave name for a brave brand, without the immediate focus on pets to stand out in the crowd and bring the playful and owner focus to the fore. This name allows the company to be recognised as a brand first, a pet product second and instils pride in the product – “yeah that’s a Raised By Humans.”

The Identity

With a modern name, a modern typeface was required to speak to the design conscious audience: A sans-serif inspired by the classic grotesques including Akzidenz-Grotesk and more recently Brandon Grotesque, but with just enough quirkiness to be playful. Rubik ticked all the boxes, a face with excellent legibility across web and print with softened geometric forms echoing the style of the beds.

Fig 3. Rubik Type Specimen

The logo itself is clean, simple and above all: monochrome. Only ever set in Raised By Humans grey or white, letting the colourful products do the talking. An understated logo to contrast the in your face patterns in the works for the future of the brand. The stepped approach to the monogram and full logo further positions the “humans” at the top of the pile while hinting at the journey of raising an animal. Initially, the identity is approached with the full brand name shown, but for the products themselves, the monogram is used; both to position the brand as a fashion brand first with an instantly recognisable short form identity, but also to establish informality between brand and owner. This isn’t a Raised By Humans bed anymore, it’s an RBH. A stamp of authenticity, quality, and statement of design.

Fig 4. Raised By Humans Brand Identity

In Conclusion

Raised by Humans began with a realisation – the pet industry is littered with dog beds that sacrifice design for convenience, or assume that luxury must always translate to tweed and tartan.

Do we stop caring about the contents of our home when the furniture is for our pets and not us?

And, Raised By Humans was born, with a confident identity ready to shake up and industry and attract a new breed of pet owner who shudders at the mere mention of tweed.

Fig 5. Brand Guidelines

Through our research-led approach, we develop a thorough understanding of your company’s beliefs and values which is reflected in all the work we undertake. Find out more about our branding services and how we can work with you to build a brand that’s truly the dog’s bollocks.

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