IFace Group Branding

May 3rd, 2018 in Design & Branding 3 minute read

The Brief

IFace Group was to be the new identity of ‘parent’ brand iFace Solutions. The new branding created would replace iFace Solutions’ existing identity, so whilst the name was similar, the logo didn’t need to bear any relation to the existing one.

Our initial brand discovery for the project ensured we had a comprehensive guide to the way the company wished to present itself, its vision and values, as well as its target position within the industry.

The Research

To get the brand design underway, we worked with the client to realise their own visual preferences and establish what they find aesthetically pleasing in other brand designs. Working with their likes and dislikes, we built a broad map of styles that might be appropriate for the brand, as well as appealing to the client.

By setting out a cross-section of competitors, potential clients of their own, as well as other design research, we can show trends and areas of opportunity in the market. This is what it looked like for IFace Group:

branding and logo research board

As you can see, the examples we found lean toward the geometric end of the scale and there is a pretty broad spread across both text and icon led brands.

We needed a logo that represented the industry the company was part of, but also stepped away from the standard ‘digital’ industry tropes.

The Concept

pen and paper branding development

Initially, we draw. We doodle and scribble, reject and refine lines and letters, here there and everywhere. We’ll represent a plethora of different stories, values and messages through icons and proposed text styles. Guided by the results of our brand discovery stage, we’ll try and keep the connotations of the visuals in line with the values and vision set out in the brief. After getting all our initial ideas onto paper, we step back and analyse what has been drawn from a more critical perspective. This is where we can identify what’s working and what to develop.

As you can see, there’s a clear pattern emerging in our development. There is a strong icon led approach in the initial concepts, and the beginnings of developing an abstract face within the brand mark. This stage of development also allowed us to explore partner typography for the brand name.

artboards for logo development

Once we confirmed this was a strong visual direction that met the brief and sat well within the research and inspiration, we continued to refine the small details such as spacing, alignment and corner angles.

We chose a chunky sans serif font named Crossten to go alongside the icon, which complemented the thick line-based style of the icon without overwhelming the balance of the whole logo.

The Result

The resulting brand identity ties together the abstract with a realistic representation of the letters i and f. Bringing in rounded elements, as well as angular, is representative of the digital/analogue balance of the industry the company operates in, as well as adding pictorial value to represent the icon as a face.

primary iface group logo

The addition of a square full-stop at the end of the company name brings a visual balance to the logo lockup – representing both the dot over the i and the crossbar of the f – and allows for potential animation in the future.

The Rollout

Of course, a brand is much more than just the logo, so we didn’t stop there. We also created a comprehensive guide to using the brand mark, the font, and rules for partnering it with the logos of other companies in the group.

branding and spacing guidelines

Brand guidelines preview

Need a brand building from scratch? Or looking for a way to give an existing logo a new lease of life? That’s what we’re good at! Drop us a line and we’ll do our thing.

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