Top Tips for Event Planning

April 7th, 2015 in Events 3 minute read

Event planning and management can be time consuming, stressful and can even make you flap!

So I thought I’d pass along some of my top tips for event planning, whether it’s a small or large event, hopefully these will help keep you in control and make the event a great success!

Brand Message:

Before you go ahead with any event, yourself and the client need to understand what you wish to gain from the evening. If it’s for all their customers to get ridiculous drunk then fine but if it’s to present their brand in a new light, to a new audience or to showcase a new product/model/service make sure yourself and the client always have this in the back of your mind. How do you project it? How do you feed it to your audience without being over the top? How do you present your client to reach their new needs? If you have this clear in your mind the event should be smooth sailing.

To Do List:

This may seem obvious to many and that’s why it’s on here. I like to colour code my ‘to do’ list, especially on bigger events, it’s easier to identify what’s been completed, what’s in progress and what hasn’t been started. Jot down absolutely everything you feel will need to take place for it to be a successful event; remember it’s your ‘to do’ list so if you think it’s necessary to remind yourself to have a pre-event nap keep it on there!


I understand its 2015 and not everyone believes in using good old fashion hard copy invitations however, if it’s a press event I recommend sending them out. There’s been numerous times over the past twelve months where I’ve had the response ‘nothing came through the post’. An email can easily be deleted/redirected to junk mail however an in hand invitation not so much. At the very least I’d recommend sending a hard copy to your VIP’s and still sending an e-copy.

Guest Lists:

A strong guest list can make or break an event. I’m not referring to the attendees themselves but more so the communication you have with them. When communicating with your guest list whether it’s by phone, emails and text messages remember to keep it professional but also personal. Ask how they are, advise your excitement on their attendance and remember to make it as easy as possible for them to accept. If there’s space for a plus one let them know and if there isn’t make them aware of the exclusivity.

Press Packs:

Press packs are only essential if you’d like to push the exposure of the brand during the event. I think the biggest tip I can give is to have an up to date, fully informative press pack on pdf! A simple conversation with the right person could lead to coverage at any moment so why not make their life ten times easier by forwarding over all the information there and then? They’ll thank you for it later!


I know it’s difficult. But you’ll be able to network easier and if you have planned, like you should have done for the event, anything that can or will go wrong can be resolved. You also need to remember you’re a brand ambassador the client, you’ll be representing the client for that evening so at all times remain professional, engage with guests and be as helpful as possible.

The satisfaction of an event going to plan is amazing, it’s worth a huge pat on the back and really can provide job fulfilment. Even if you are thrown a few curve balls during the process the best advice I can give you is to pick up a bat!

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