Blogger Zoella makes Google’s Most Searched Breakthrough Celebrity Female 2014

January 13th, 2015 in Influencer Marketing 2 minute read

Trillions of searches were made in Google during 2014 and as Google Trends released the data for the top 5 Most Searched terms for the year, we were able to have a look into what the most popular searches for categories such as Most Searched Cake Recipes, Most Searched Holiday Destinations, Most Searched How To… amongst others. One search category that stood out for us was the Most Searched Breakthrough Celebrity Female; this was because British blogger Zoella appeared on position 4 on the list.

Zoella started blogging in 2009, and after successfully establishing herself as an influential blogger and vlogger, Zoella has moved into the world of entrepreneurship. In September 2014 Zoe Sugg, which is her real name, launched her beauty products under the brand name Zoella Beauty which was according to the Metro, the “biggest beauty launch of the year”. Later in the year she also launched her first book called Girl Online through her book deal with Penguin. Although she was later criticised for not writing the book herself but with the help a ghost writer called Siobhan Curham (which remains unconfirmed) the book had received good reviews online and huge sales.

Blogging and vlogging has for many become a full time occupation, as well as enabling new ventures such as in Zoella’s case a beauty range and lucrative book deal. In November last year, the ASA released a statement on their site in regards to vloggers and ads after a famous Oreo vlogger challenge. Many vloggers, as well as bloggers, make their living through reviews, brand mentions and reviews. The ASA class these as ads and therefore wants to see these types of vlogs marked as ads to make them transparent to readers.  This policy together with the one regarding sponsored posts for bloggers can make life a bit tricky for vloggers and bloggers.

An essential part in being able to turn blogging and vlogging into a full time occupation is collaborations with relevant brands to produce genuine and interesting content for your readers or viewers. A great example of a recent blogger and brand collaboration is Sainsbury’s Love Your Freezer campaign which includes a TV advert where blogger Becky from is featured sharing a recipe in her own kitchen using frozen products from Sainsbury’s.

Here at Zeal we encourage collaborations between brands and bloggers/vloggers. We believe in honesty and that if the content creator is genuine in their positive reinforcement of a brand it is not necessarily an ad but a legitimate addition to the blog or vlog. We work closely with bloggers and vloggers to help them grow their own channel as much as we are helping our clients to grow their brand.

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