Things We Didn’t Know Last Week 23.10.15

October 23rd, 2015 in Inspiration 2 minute read

This week has been packed full of interesting Twitter Takeover exchanges and a host of new releases from the likes of Apple, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Here’s what we’ve learnt this week…

Google will be providing Yahoo with search ads

Yahoo has signed a non-exclusive deal with Google to provide search ads for Yahoo’s search results. More here.

Apple News has launched

Apple News has now launched in the UK in an attempt to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook. More here.


Instagram has launched Boomerang

The new app will take a burst of photos and then stitch them together into a ‘mini video’ that plays forward and backward.

Facebook’s instant articles is available to all iOS users

And a beta version for Android. More here.

Food critics aren’t too good with criticism

Possibly the most interesting Twitter exchange we’ve been involved in..!

Twitter Takeover

YouTube reveals ad-free YouTube Red subscription service

Users paying for the service will also have access to exclusive content not available on the standard free version of YouTube.

SearchLove is a very useful conference

Kristina spent the beginning of her week at SearchLove and came back with a whole host of useful info that we’ll be putting out on the blog very soon. If you can’t wait until then, here are a few tips for you: All My Tweets is a great tool that lets you see all tweets from a specific Twitter profile to make it easy to scan through them and find what you’re looking for. If you’re doing outreach, specifically for B2B, LinkedIn can be used to export all contacts so that you have all their email addresses. Finally, Yeswear is a very helpful tool when doing outreach as it reminds you to chase people via email.


Facebook’s carousel ads are 10x more popular than standard ads

We’ve noticed this for a while and now research has made it official. Those carousel style ads that are a little addictive to swipe through on Facebook are proving to be the most engaging! More here.

Facebook Ads

Star Wars have released some Twitter Emojis

Love it or hate it, Star Wars fever has hit social media big time and now the franchise has its own Twitter emojis! More here.

1 in 4 adults don’t have basic online skills

Recent research has revealed that around 12 million people couldn’t do things like buy apps, solve problems using online help, or create new content from images and videos online. More here.

Vizeat is the AirBnB of eating out

Vizeat lets you find a variety of dinner hosts online. Now not only can you sleep in a stranger’s bed, you can eat their food too!


Crocodiles sleep with one eye watching

Just something that caught our eye on the BBC – a little scary but also handy if you need someone to keep an eye on your Twitter account 24/7! More here.

An 80-year-old couple have created the most romantic viral video ever!

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