Things We Didn’t Know Last Week – 13.11.15

November 13th, 2015 in Inspiration 1 minute read

This week we’ve been down to Social Media London Live! and SalonQP, spent a bit too much time watching Shia LeBeouf, and felt a pang of jealously that we’re not a subscriber of the New York Times’ Sunday edition!

Pinterest lets you search using images

The new update will allow users to search for pins similar to an image or similar a specific item within an image. More here.


Google have launched their AI system and it’s open source

“TensorFlow” will be used for things like recognising conversations in a busy street and finding pictures of your pet. More here.

Obama has his own Facebook page

The page was created to give the president the opportunity to hold ‘real conversations’ and received over 185,000 likes within a few hours. More here.

obama on Facebook

New Yorker’s love Google Cardboard

Google gave away around 1.3 million pairs of its virtual reality headset to subscribers of the New York Times’ Sunday edition, and they loved it! More here.

Google Cardboard

The most ever streamed track on Spotify will surprise you

We won’t tell you what it is… find out here.

Watching Shia LeBeouf watch himself is very addictive

From falling asleep during Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon to laughing uncontrollably at Surf’s Up, we’ve been utterly addicted to watching Shia watch himself in all of his films!

Bloomingdales has a poor taste in ‘humour’

What were they thinking?! More here.

Bloomingdales advert

You can explore the British Museum without leaving your home

Kiss goodbye to a couple of hours and discover the museum online. Get started here.

British Museum Online

Pizza is the most shared food online

Just one of the interesting facts we learnt at Social Media London Live! We’re busy creating a post about all the other insights from the day and will share this with you shortly!

Currently tucking in to this delicious feast..! #LifeatZeal #Dominos #pizza #lunch #food #foodporn   A photo posted by Zeal (@wehavezeal) on

Facebook has launched a self destruct chat, just like Snapchat

The new ‘self destruct’ feature will allow users to create messages that will disappear after one hour. The feature is currently only available in France. More here.

A bulldog is much better on a skateboard than we’ll ever be!

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