Happy 5th Birthday – Our Favourite Zeal Moments

April 21st, 2015 in Zeal News 4 minute read

Zeal has reached the grand old age of five years old and to celebrate we have put together a few of our favourite Zeal moments. So grab a cup of tea and sit down to reminisce with us…


My favourite Zeal moment is when we all went to the German Market last year. Christmas is my favourite time of year so it was a great way to kick off the festivities and get everyone in the Christmas spirit! We may have drunk a little too much mulled wine and beer so there were a few sore heads in the morning, but we did all enjoy a Christmasy dance and sing-a-along with the band!


It’s tricky to pick just the one Zeal moment, as there’s a lot of chuckling at Zeal HQ. We’re lucky enough to have had lots of opportunities to dress up during my 18 months at Zeal, and we’ve had enough gorgeous team meals to sink a ship. That said, my favourite Zeal Moment is probably our meal at Angels and Bagpipes in Edinburgh on our team trip away. The food was ridiculously good, we’d come straight from our cocktail making so everyone was on a high and everyone was just on really good form.


My favourite moment at Zeal has to be our team day out at Flamingo Land. It combined my love of theme parks, wild life and adventure, and was also a great way to get to know how my colleagues cope with stress/fear. A great team building experience overall!

Flamingo Land


I loved experiencing ‘Zeal Christmas’ with everyone, the Christmas party was amazing for so many different reasons (mainly Mike’s tragedy dance) and it also seemed to last at least a week which is always a plus!


My favourite memory at Zeal was when we went to the Lake District as I’ve never been before. We had lovely weather and the views were stunning! The ghyll scrambling was an amazing team building experience and we got to see the nature up close from the river.


So far my favourite Zeal memory is the summer BBQ. Principally because it was within my first few months of working in an agency and at Zeal and it gave me an insight into the life of working at a great digital marketing company. Many drinks were had, many laughs were shared and I really got to know every one of my new colleagues. I think of this night probably 50 times a day.


It’s pretty hard to pick a single favourite as there are so many stand out memories, but the German market last Christmas was awesome. Essentially I think every single Zeal team night out makes an amazing memory!

German Market Horn

Nick Shepherd

My favourite Zeal moment so far: Zeal’s 5th Birthday. Celebrating Zeal’s success and having fun with a great team was super awesome!


My favourite Zeal moment was and still is the monthly quizzes. After hosting the first one they have got increasingly competitive (read heated and aggressive); I think I’m still leading overall for wins but that can quickly change, especially if the Swedish quiz is anything to go by. Fingers crossed I’ll be crowned champion at the end of the year!


It’s hard to narrow it down but I think one of my favourite recent memories is the introduction of the monthly Zeal Pub Quiz. A different Zeal member writes the quiz each month and with topics including Ikea, Abba, Pictionary and TV theme tunes it’s definitely been varied. Things tend to get very competitive with everyone wanting the honour and glory of being quiz winners but every single quiz has been amazing fun – sadly I’ve only had one victory so far. The Zeal Quiz nights just remind me how much Zeal is more than just an office and place we turn up to work, we are a team and Team Zeal is the best!


Finishing my apprenticeship and being promoted has to be one of my highlights from this year. But my favourite moment was after we went to the Christmas market, when we went to Bierkeller and danced on the tables and sang Taylor Swift on the karaoke. I love nights like this that are so spontaneous and everyone just really lets their hair down, luckily it’s never too long before we get another one.


My favourite Zeal moment was when we all went to Glaramara to do ghyll scrambling. Not only was it great fun, it was a fantastic team bonding experience.


Our 5th Birthday was my favourite Zeal moment so far. Purely because we have an amazing team and it was brilliant to go out altogether. I also really liked putting together the year end presentation as it reminded me how much we had done as an agency and how far we had come! Oh and that chicken goggles game!

Happy Birthday Zeal!

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