The Best of 2015: #LifeAtZeal

January 7th, 2016 in Zeal News 6 minute read

2015 has been a busy year for Zeal. We welcomed three new members of staff, celebrated Zeal’s 5th Birthday and drank around 11,700 cups of Yorkshire Tea (probably more). There were two Zeal weddings this year, congratulations to The Rutters and The Lancasters. We hired and drove (pretty badly) two barges around the scenic Leeds Liverpool canal. We had a tense afternoon playing bingo and beating the tick tock unlock rooms.

We rounded off the year with a truly unbelievable team trip to Morzine in France to go skiing! The trip of a lifetime and something none of us will forget.

We also managed to fit in lots of work in between and you can read more about our year in numbers here, we built and launched twelve new websites, wrote 301 blog posts, tweeted 8059 tweets, held nine video shoots, we set 20,000 keywords live and worked with 240 bloggers! Phew.

As we welcome 2016 and start making to do lists we thought it would be nice to first look back at some of our favourite Zeal moments from 2015…


Ah so tough! I’ve gone with this one…

Going skiing with Team Zeal was one of the best things ever, so many funny moments and great memories were made! My favourite was one of those surreal moments that could never be recreated. We were all about to sit down for dinner and conversation between me and Tanya led to the start of singing R Kelly’s Ignition, I’m still not really sure how it happened but everyone started to join in until we had a full Zeal rendition of the classic! The setting probably helped, but this memory will always bring a smile to my face!

niki favourite moment


So I think everyone will probably say the same thing, but my favourite moment of 2015 was the ski trip. Everything about it was magical and I really enjoyed every moment. The location was beautiful, and the excitement of skiing the next day kept me up each night!

emil favourite zeal moment


My favourite Zeal moment was during the ski trip when Jane convinced us that a slope was going to be ‘Easy’ but was in fact an incredibly steep mountain run. We did however survive and the feeling of not breaking any bones and making it to the bottom cements this moment as the best of the year for me.

ben favourite zeal moment


One of my favourite moments of 2015 was going barging in Skipton. Apart from the fact that I steered the barge into a docked barge and woke a man up who was enjoying a nice lie in on a neighbouring barge, we had an amazing day full of sunshine and delicious picnic food!

kristina favourite zeal moment

Nick Shepherd

My favourite Zeal moment was our Xmas trip to Morzine! Learning to ski for the first time, playing games in our chalet and celebrating Zeal’s success in 2015 was a great way to end the year. Close contenders were also Zeal’s 5th Birthday, Tick Tock Unlock and the barge trip!

nick favourite zeal moment


There have been so many amazing moments at Zeal this year but my favourite (alongside the ski trip) must be Zeal’s 5th birthday way back in April. We started with cocktails at the Alchemist, on to cocktail making at Revs, then a private dining room for our meal at Restaurant Bar Grill and ended with (shameless) dancing in Viaduct! But the best thing to come from the night has to be Ben introducing us all to Chicken Goggles!

tanya favourite zeal moment


2015 has certainly been a fun-filled year at Zeal so picking just one favourite moment is hard! The Zeal ski trip has got to be one of the stand out things we’ve done. The evening we went ski-dooing was a definite highlight. The stunning scenery, seeing the snowy mountains at night and arriving at the hire place and seeing all of the ski-doos lined up waiting for us was amazing. We all partnered up and took it in turns to drive them through the moonlight forest trail. Seeing the entire team lined up on our ski-doos weaving through the trees is something I won’t forget!

lora favourite zeal moment


My favourite Zeal moment of 2015 has to be skiing. I don’t think it’s physically possible to squeeze more laughter into 4 days. The moment Jane considered it a good idea to take a group of newbies down an intermediate red run was a particular highlight. “Yea we’ll be fine” quickly descended into 15 bodies littered across a mountain, to the point where sliding down on ones face became the most comfortable method of descent (Ben) – Emerging at the base of the mountain battered and bruised, but sort of victorious. Another personal highlight of mine came the morning we were set to depart, waking up to the sight of Pratheep hopping around with one leg in his jeans, before hitting the deck like a sack of spuds, landing perfectly in his suitcase in such a way that I could have simply closed the lid and zipped him up. What better way to top off the holiday of a lifetime?

sam favourite zeal moment


My favourite moment this year must have been ‘Camera Christmas’, when all of the equipment for our expanded video service offering arrived. Being surrounded by that much camera gear unleashed the inner nerd in me, I loved every second!

pratheep favourite zeal moment


My favourite Zeal moment of 2015 was the rounders tournament which took place in the summer. Although Zeal lost (unfairly) the day was just so much fun!! With the sun beaming at the beginning of the event and then the heavens opening towards the end and us all unfortunately having to take shelter in the nearest pub. There definitely needs to be a re-match this summer!

ella favourite zeal moment


2015 was my first year with Zeal, I can’t see how it could have been any more action packed! My highlight was definitely the day of filming for the Bed Guru “We Deliver Anywhere” campaign. We definitely work hard and play hard at Zeal, I’ve chosen this day because it was a great example of both! Running around West Yorkshire delivering beds was hard work, but we didn’t stop laughing. The ice creams at the end of the day were almost as rewarding as seeing the finished videos, which are amazing and you should watch them NOW.

carl favourite zeal moment

Nick Pomeroy

I have two favourite moments!

Winning the Zeal quiz final. Considering I host a local pub quiz, I would not have lived it down if I hadn’t won the grand final. Thankfully I narrowly beat Tanya on the 2nd tie breaker of the contest to take home the trophy! Closely followed by Tick Tock Unlock. Combining my love of puzzles with my fondness for being locked in small rooms… Tick Tock Unlock was a hell of a lot of fun and I would love to go back and try and beat the other puzzle room!

nick p favourite zeal moment


Last year was filled with so many amazing moments at Zeal; we spent a week skiing, had a day on a barge, and held many, many quiz evenings – just to name a few. It was almost impossible to pick just one thing! One stand out moment for me was Tick Tock Unlock, a live escape game in Leeds. It’s an incredible experience and a perfect puzzle for groups!

emmanuel favourite zeal moment


For me, Zeal’s best 2015 moment was our fifth birthday. It’s a huge milestone and it was great to celebrate with everyone, looking back over everything we have achieved since 2010. Our posh meal, cocktail making session (and visit to the drag bar) helped mark the occasion well of course!

mike favourite zeal moment


I suppose I’d be silly not to say skiing but one of my second favourite memories is our 5th Birthday. I find it amazing to think we’ve been going for that long and I loved sitting in the Alchemist drinking a delicious cocktail looking round the table at the wonderful people who I work with at Zeal and being incredibly proud. I also have to mention the rounders match. The match itself was not great (we lost, I’m highly competitive) but we had some great drinks after and it was just a really good laugh!

jane favourite zeal moment

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