#ZealxBarca 2017

October 12th, 2017 in Zeal News 5 minute read

Just 50 hours in Barcelona and Team Zeal managed,  1 bike accident, 1 phone down a drain, 1 phone retrieved from said drain, 1 trip to A&E, 22 koi carp fish painted, 1 unicorn named Frank, 50,000 miles walked, 3 bottles of Grappa consumed, 3 bottles of Grappa ALMOST brought back up, only 1 moment of tears from Beka ( believe us, this is an achievement), 4 protests avoided, 10,000 selfies taken, probably only 4 hours slept and countless laughs.

Zeal does Barcelona 2017 was certainly an experience none of us will ever forget. Here are some of our favourite moments of the trip.

Barcelona was such an amazing time, I loved it from the beginning to the end! I really enjoyed the painting class, I never knew I was such an artist but I also loved the time we spent eating together – I laughed hards so many times to the point my head started hurting. Barcelona brought us closer together as a team and I am genuinely heartbroken I won’t be seeing the Leeds team every day!

Witnessing my first erotic shoot was up there as a strong contender, but I think cycling along the beach front watching the sun setting wins. I remember feeling so lucky and content.

Dinner at the observatory, the giggle fits in the fancy room, Zeal getting told off for walking on the slippery roof and clapping during everyone else’s dinner speech – it was a shame they took our wine away after all that!

Getting the view of a lifetime from the dome of Fabra Observatory – the moon reflected on the Mediterranean on the clearest of nights and the entire city looked phenomenal.

After being a big critic of bike riding in the past, I was blown away by how fun and charming cycling along the coastline at sunset was. I felt like I was soaking up the culture with each pedal, and I even started having a little sing to myself – lovely stuff.

I loved the Observatory, it was the best view I’ve ever seen and such an amazing end to an unforgettable trip!

Getting back on a bicycle again after probably 10 years was my favourite part, especially because we got to explore the streets of Barcelona!

Creating a sandcastle that had pyrotechnics…

My favourite moment was the Zeal Beach Olympics, or should I say the Zolympics! The activities were just ridiculously fun and competitive, and at the same time the best team work / bonding activity I’ve ever done.

The absolute elation that everyone seemed to feel when it was revealed that we’d be spending Sunday evening looking at the stars – compared with the previous few moments of dread as the bus driver tried not to tip us all over a cliff!

Also, special mention to Carl & Sam who almost passed out several times trying to inflate all the beach Olympics props whilst in a questionable state of soberness.

When Jane said I had to go take a photo with Woody, and as the photo was being taken, Woody whispers in my ear “I don’t work for free.”

My favourite Barcelona moment was definitely losing my breath at the sight of the panoramic views on the observatory terrace. I don’t think there was anything that could’ve topped that for the final activity, I did not want to leave…

Barcelona was incredible, and completely exceeded what I was expecting. Riding bikes through the city and down to the beach after a full day of activities was amazing, but the highlight of the trip – for me – was dinner with the team under the stars at the Fabra Observatory. Seeing the entire city down below, twinkling away in the dark night, is something I could watch for hours.

My favourite (well, most memorable!) moment was walking back into the hospital’s A&E ward to find Shep holding the piece of plastic the doctor had just managed dislodge from his oesophagus! A huge feeling of relief coupled with the excitement that I’ll finally get to bed after 31 hours awake!

A lot of things stick out, the whole night at the observatory was great, but think the view at the top has to be the winner. Something that you couldn’t capture on camera. It’s just one of those memories you’ll never let yourself forget.

My favourite moment of the trip was seeing the view of Barcelona from the top of the Fabra Observatory I love views like that, but to be that high up was just incredible.

After downing a shot of Jaeger and telling everyone I’d just swallowed something I shouldn’t and was in pain the full team’s response was: “Sheppy, shut up, you’re a hypochondriac.”

6 hours later, I woke up in Barcelona hospital after being put to sleep and having a piece of plastic removed from my throat.

Although the swallowing of the plastic wasn’t my favourite moment, proving everyone wrong was pretty satisfying.

My ‘you had to be there’ moment of the trip had to be the beach Olympics.

Nobody can understand just how close we came to death trying to inflate this lot while still drunk from the night before. Worth every second.

It would definitely have to be staring down at a lit up Barca shimmering under the moonlight

I loved the Barcelona trip from beginning to end so picking out my pivotal favourite moment is incredibly tricky. From that satisfying first dip in the hotel pool, half laughing half crying at the cuteness of the prairie dog at Barcelona Zoo to the final dinner under the stars, the entire trip was an experience I’ll never forget.  The moment that probably stands out the most for me was cycling along Barcelona seafront as the sun was setting, I don’t think I have ever felt as content as I did then. Plus the view was so beautiful I think I was actually lost for words, goes to show miracles do happen!

There are so many moments I could pick from Barcelona as it was a truly unforgettable trip. But one of my favourites was definitely cycling along the beachfront at the sunset. We caused much chaos every time we reached a crossing and a fellow tourist even got out their camera to take a photo as we all cycled past in a huge line, but stunning views and turning round to see Team Zeal in tandem along the beach made it an unforgettable experience!

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