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June 26th, 2019 in Zeal News 5 minute read

Search Leeds made its return to the First Direct Arena for its 4th year and saw a huge turnout from across the city and beyond. 

Our CEO Jane was one of this year’s panellists taking part in the Women in Digital talk on ‘Confidence in Public Speaking and the Workplace’. She encouraged everyone to step out of their comfort zone and defined confidence as doing something that makes you feel the adrenaline and mentioned that this would be relative for every individual. She talked about how being out of your comfort zone is how you grow and encouraged the audience to be comfortable with failure and the fact that you won’t be perfect every time.

Ben and James from the SEO team and Ella from the Performance Marketing team went along to a few of the other talks. Read on to find out what they took away from the day:

Ben Duke – SEO Executive

Science helps us be more creative

The first talk I took in was from former stand up comedian and birthday girl Kirsty Hulse. It was a very informative talk that showed us how using science can help us form more creative ideas during brainstorms. She encouraged us to use emotion to encourage the user to interact with your brand. She also added one of my favourite quotes of the day – “MRI scans show when evaluating brand, consumers primarily use emotions rather than information”. 

Organic and Paid Search Strategies work hand-in-hand

One of the main focal points of the day was about collaboration and teams working together. The speaker echoed this and encouraged collaborative search conversations within a company. She also emphasised that PPC’ers and SEO’ers need to combine strategies and come together as one, to utilise one another and share gathered data, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. 

Machines are the future

Possibly the speech that captured my attention the most was by Britney Muller of Moz who’d flown in from the USA to deliver her speech. She spoke about the ways that machines are learning at a fast pace and their intelligence is actually becoming quite scary! They’re only going to get more intelligent over time, so it will be fascinating to see what the future holds. 

Search Leeds

James Exley – SEO Assistant

Fake news makes links

When hearing the words ‘fake news’ your first thought might not be a positive one. However, after attending this talk, there are a lot of positive outtakes from the presentation. The talk itself looked into more humorous ways to obtain links and showed ways which companies and agencies can create fake stories or products in order to get visibility and traffic to their site. Explaining their examples on past campaigns they demonstrated how success in SEO can also help improve brand awareness and exposure.

The butterfly effect in SEO

This talk looked at how simple changes can make the biggest difference. Showing how important the smallest details can be for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). One of the main points that was brought to my attention was the adjustment to the golden circle theory. Taking Simon Sinek’s theory of the golden circle looking at our user’s thought process, Lukasz then alters the thought process correlating to how they are searched online this then moves the focus more on the ‘how’ as they look to resolve their problems instead of as to why they are solving this problem.

Why most SEO audits are sh!t

I attended this talk as I thought it best to find out what is apparently going wrong within the SEO industry. This talk looked to explain to clients what they should be looking for in their audits. However, he also explained it to show the agencies attending how it should be done. The talk showed us the key concepts and points that we should be putting across to the clients and not repeating facts and figures that confuse and lose the client.

Search Leeds

Ella Bagley – Head Of Performance Marketing

Organic and Paid search teams collaborating

The main thing I took away from this talk was the importance of working closely together and communication. Managing PPC campaigns without knowing the SEO focus and what they want to achieve can mean that the strategies don’t align and the client is spending more than necessary on a particular channel. Working from the same keyword lists and having a combined strategy can increase your clients ROI, as well as provide better and more rewarding results for both teams.

How to win business from your competitors through Google PPC

This talk focused on little tricks to ensure that your brand is visible over its competition. There were a few different ways that she shared with us, all of which were much less cheeky than I thought they would be! Including keywords such as ‘cancel *name of competitor* contract’ means you show on Google when you assume someone is about to cancel their contract and be looking to find a new provider. Similarly, ‘Discount code’ keywords can work well. Although you might not be offering a discount code, if someone is looking for that a product at a cheaper price and you know you offer them cheaper than your competitors, seeing your ad could make them purchase through you. 

Another example I thought was interesting is using radius targeting to pinpoint people who might currently be at one of your competitor’s stores. For people who are savvy and want to get the best deal, they’re likely to Google a product before they purchase in-store to see if they can find it cheaper. This is when you can show your ads to them and steal the sale from your competitors. Finally, using bid adjustments to show ads at times when your competitors have the least impression share can be a great use of budget and allow you to be more visible. All these recommendations can work for different types of products/services, but it’s about testing which ones work best for your client.

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