SEO Monthly Roundup June 2019

July 9th, 2019 in SEO 3 minute read

June was a busy month for people working within SEO, with the main headline once again stolen by Google as they rolled out another core update. 

That wasn’t all that went down in June. We’re going to take you through everything that happened in the SEO world in June and chat a bit more about what impact the new Google update has had. 

Google June 2019 Core Update

I mean, where else could we start? Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed on June 3rd that Google has begun rolling out another core update that would finish on June 8th. Google actually announcing the update was a rare move. 

So, how hard has it hit? Major publications like the Daily Mail and CCN reported that this update has hit them hard. 

There have been questions asked about Daily Mail’s trustworthiness and whether it’s linked to them being affected. stated they feel that the Daily Mail have a number of click-bait worthy articles and this is why they’ve been punished more than others. We’ve noticed lots of improvements with some of our clients, so for us, this update has only been a positive one so far! 

Google’s John Mueller was quoted as saying:

I think it’s a bit tricky because we’re not focusing on something very specific where we’d say like for example when we rolled out the speed update.

That was something where we could talk about specifically, this is how we’re using mobile speed and this is how it affects your website, therefore you should focus on speed as well.”

This essentially suggests that this Google update wasn’t focussed on anything specific like site speed. It was more about fixing things on a broader spectrum. 


Wayback Machine adds new feature

If you weren’t already aware, the Wayback Machine allows you to go back into the archive of a website. 

They’ve added a brand new beta feature called “Changes”. Essentially all you need to do is paste a URL into the search bar and hit search. Click on the changes section and it will bring up a calendar view. You can then click on specific dates and view a snapshot of the website on that specific date. Content additions are shown in blue and content deletions are shown in yellow. 

The below image shows you what you can expect from the new interface:

Wayback Machine

Google set to stop supporting no-index, no-follow and crawl delay for Robots.Txt files

Google have announced that they’re going to ‘unofficially’ stop supporting the no-index, no follow and crawl delay directives within the robots.txt file. Even though Google have been recommending that you avoid doing this for years, it’s finally been ‘unofficially’ put in place. 

Google are quoted saying: 

“While open-sourcing our parser library, we analysed the usage of robots.txt rules. In particular, we focused on rules unsupported by the internet draft, such as crawl-delay, nofollow, and noindex. 

Since these rules were never documented by Google, naturally, their usage in relation to Googlebot is very low. Digging further, we saw their usage was contradicted by other rules in all but 0.001% of all robots.txt files on the internet. These mistakes hurt websites’ presence in Google’s search results in ways we don’t think webmasters intended.”

To summarise, as of September 1st 2019, if you feature crawl delay, no-follow or no-index in your robots.txt file, Google will stop supporting it. 

Bing adds batch URL submissions to their Webmaster Tools

Bing recently announced that you can now upload a maximum of 500 URLs per API request. Their 10,000 URL daily limit still stands but you can now upload more URLs in a single API request, speeding up the process and making things far more efficient. 

What is an API request?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and this is a way to communicate between different applications. The Bing API provides the user with a similar experience to Bing search by returning search results. The results includes anything from web pages, images and videos.  

Google celebrates Pride Month with rainbow bagels

Ending the blog on a slightly different note, Google has been handing out rainbow coloured bagels to celebrate Pride Month. Here’s one in all its glory. Jealous!

Google Pride Month

And that’s your monthly roundup of everything SEO. Make sure you check back on the Zeal blog next month for more news from the ever-changing world of SEO. 

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