What’s New in SEO for 2020?

March 11th, 2020 in SEO 2 minute read

It’s 2020, and Google is 21 years old. The same age as pro footballers Kylian Mbappé and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Google was created the same year Saving Private Ryan hit the cinema and is older than some of our agency staff!

We already cover regular SEO developments in our monthly roundup so I’m not going to regurgitate that information here. Instead, I’m going to touch on some of the more regular questions we get asked.

What’s new in SEO? How does SEO impact our business? And what else can we be doing?

In 2018 alone, Google made 3,200 changes to search which is up from 400 made back in 2010. In 2019 we’ve seen Core Updates, the launch of BERT, changes to Snippets appearing and much more. So what can we expect in 2020? The answer is more of the same. But what does this mean to you?

Well to answer that it depends on your business and your services. Certain updates and releases from Google will impact some websites and won’t impact others depending on what the change is.

For example, a company that doesn’t have any events will not be impacted by the updates made by Google to its event markup.

Does this mean you have to understand every Google update and see if it applies to your website? No. Despite the flood of updates, effective SEO remains focussed on these key areas:

Technical Performance

Fixing issues and errors, and implementing standard practices such as structured data to your site to help Google understand the contents of the page.

Valuable Content

Producing useful, engaging, and interesting content in line with your keyword strategy to target key phrases that drive relevant traffic and conversions to your site.

Link Building

Building links to your site using campaigns, partnerships, and media requests. There are several different tactics to build links in 2020, but you need to set out a clear strategy of how to help improve the performance of specific pages within different SERPs.

Some websites need to use a combination of methods, some might need one, but your agency should be setting out a clear strategy with these in mind to improve performance and demonstrate ROI.

So, in summary, what’s new in SEO for 2020? Well, the answer will be quite a lot. More algorithm updates, no doubt some changes to how SERPs display and potentially more features for websites to take advantage of.

What can you do? Nail the basics, and be on the pulse to adapt to specific changes as they develop. A business standing still will soon be overtaken by a competitor or someone new in the marketplace.

If you’re worried about your current SEO performance and want to know what else you could be doing, why not drop us a message? We’d be happy to chat with you about your current SEO activity and what else you could be doing.

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