When Social Media is Like a Bad Date

February 14th, 2014 in Social Media 3 minute read

Being Valentine’s Day we couldn’t resist putting a ‘romantic’ spin on our blog. Sometimes social media is bit like a date – when it’s good it’s amazing, but sometimes it’s not quite right and you can’t put your finger on why­. That’s when things turn sour…

Bad Date Type: The one who jumps right in without a second thought

Social Media Lesson: Channels need to be set up correctly 

Just like that eager beaver of a date, if you jump into social media without a second thought then you risk not laying the proper foundations. If your social media profiles aren’t set up correctly then everything else you do runs the risk of not getting you the desired results. So before you jump in and commit, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I on the right platforms for my target audience?
Are the designs all up to date and reflective of the brand?
Is all your company information up to date?
Are all channels linking to your website?
Are you linking to all the channels from your website?
Are all your channels set up for full SEO benefit?
Do you have house rules in place to ensure you can monitor your community effectively?

Bad Date Type: The one who only wants you when they’re bored

Social Media Lesson: Make a plan to post daily, not just when it suits you

Just like that date that only ever bothers about you when it’s convenient for them, you can’t just ‘do’ social media as and when you feel like it. Although it’s ‘free’, doing it well takes time. If you really don’t have the time to spare then download free social monitoring software such as HootSuite to keep a tab on all your social profiles in one place, here you can post to multiple accounts, respond to customer enquiries and schedule in posts for when you’re busy. It’s also worth downloading the mobile apps for each platform so that you can update these on the go.

Bad Date Type: The boring one

Social Media Lesson: Updates need to be interesting and engaging

When pulling together your content plan you’ll need to ensure that you’re saying interesting things and giving back to the fans that have chosen to follow you. Make sure you keep abreast of industry news, feed in your own opinion and ensure you’re posting interesting content to your fans. Topics of conversion could include:

Industry news
Company news
Latest offers
New products
Pictures of staff days out / your company base

Don’t let yourself go! Just like your daily gym session, it’s important to put time aside to ensure your social media posts look attractive. Ensure you keep things interesting by posting ranges of content including videos and images. 48% of Facebook users come from mobile devices1 so you need to be sure that your content looks good across mobile and desktop. 

Bad Date Type: The one who always talks about themselves

Social Media Lesson: Don’t just talk about YOU 

Don’t ignore those who love you most. Rather than constantly blasting out sales messages, take the time to find out exactly what customers are saying about you across the web. Use social media tracking software such as Meltwater Buzz or Radian6 to track people not just talking to you, but about you and engage with them too. 

Bad Date Type: The heartbreaker

Social Media Lesson: Keep it amicable 

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to and people just don’t like you. If someone doesn’t like your company and vocalises their opinion across social media then in a dignified way see if there’s a way you can help them or influence their opinion to become more positive. See if there’s some validity on what they’re saying and genuinely use it for future development.

If your social media profiles are making your heart weep then get in touch – we’ll have them spreading more love (and Likes!) than Interflora on Valentine’s Day!

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