Social Media: AKA Non-verbal Communication 2.0

March 4th, 2014 in Social Media 2 minute read

We’re living through something of a revolution. From your 11 year old nephew to your great aunt Sheila, more and more of us are jumping on the bandwagon of being permanently connected to the things that we love.

In a world where social media reigns king, we have all become the masters of our own destiny. Every action that we take on social channels is another brush stroke on the big painting that is our brand. Everything that you like, pin, share, comment or retweet tells the world what you are all about.

Gone are the days where online marketing served only as a subset for your broader marketing strategy, your presence online may be the only way in which your audience even know you exist. If you’re not telling your story online, how are your customers supposed to listen?

This can be seen as both a blessing and a curse… In an ever changing and unpredictable environment, how can you be sure that your brand is being accurately represented and your core values properly translated to your audience?

Consider social media activity as nonverbal communication 2.0…

If you are using social media to bombard your potential customers with advertisements for all of the wonderful products and services you are offering, you are potentially doing more harm to your brand than good. People want to be able to relate to your brand, they want to see/hear something they can engage with, share with their friends, post to their Facebook page or retweet onto their timeline.

When using twitter, don’t be a robo-tweeter; Add your thoughts and feelings. Start conversations, engage with your customers, reply to their tweets, make use of hashtags, and be as you would like to be perceived. Don’t make your online voice resemble an automated phone call that will soon send your valuable customers to sleep.

Of course, we do understand that at the end of the day you are a business, you still need to be able to establish yourself as an authority/expert in your industry. So how can you communicate your knowledge to your audience without boring them to death?

Easy, pitch useful and interesting content in a conversational tone to show the world that you know your stuff. Start discussions on articles and blogs, trade industry tips with likeminded people and organisations.

Balance education and engagement with a pinch of entertainment and you will be well on your way to winning the hearts and minds of people all over the globe.

Have a story that you want the world to hear? At Zeal we can help you to communicate your story the way you want it to be told, taking advantage of all relevant channels and creating only content that is suitable and engaging for your audience.

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