Using Social Media for Customer Services

July 1st, 2014 in Social Media 1 minute read

Social media has fast become the third pillar of customer service, next to telephone and email. Around 20% of customers use social media to air their issues with brands and this figure is set to exceed 36% for Generation Y (under 25 year olds)1

With ‘Content Marketing’ continuing to be a buzzword for 2014, brands are busy nourishing and developing their content strategy to try and get new and influential people talking and engaging with them. By doing this brands are forgetting the large group of customers already talking to them and providing some of the best opportunities to engage and showcase their personality and excellent customer care.

“One study of major companies in the UK found that just 39% answered customer service questions asked through Twitter – despite 76% being present on the channel. Those who responded to customer service questions were slow in doing so: the average successful response time to a customer service question made on Twitter was 8 hours and 37-minutes.”2

It’s now important for your social media team to work alongside the customer service team to ensure those customers aren’t ignored. Good customer service on social media pays off big time, it broadens the reach of your customer service team, improves customer satisfaction, cultivates brand advocates, gives you the opportunity to delight you customers are ‘go that extra mile’ and allows you to gather important insights into the what the masses think of your brand.

We’ve put together this handy infographic which highlights some of the key reasons your customer service team should be clued up on social media, and what your customers will be expecting.


We offer customer service social media training at Zeal, just get in touch and we’ll create a bespoke seminar for you and your team.


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