Facebook Canvas: Is Desktop Being Left for Dead on Social?

March 29th, 2016 in Social Media 1 minute read

Earlier in the month Facebook unleashed their latest offering to users – Facebook Canvas.

Facebook Canvas Animation

Facebook Canvas is the most user friendly way to create stunning ad content that I’ve come across. Features like tilting images and auto-play video make it incredibly visual and immersive for the user.

With the user friendly interface in the back-end and the new features, it is easier than ever before to take your social media fans on a journey, or introduce them to the story behind a brand or new product. I’ve seen it used particularly well for the latest Batman vs Superman movie, introducing us to characters and teasing the plot. Nike football boots did a striking collaboration with Neymar Jr. for their latest range – the artwork displayed beautifully on a Canvas.

Chances are you’ve already read all this though, so let’s delve a little deeper…

The Statistics

What strikes me most about canvas is that it’s only available on mobile devices. This seems a strange decision initially, but when you assess Facebook analytics the reasoning becomes clear. Here is a sample of the placement of a few posts I created in the last week:

Facebook link placement

Here for a link share, 90% of the reach and 100% of the engagements were from a mobile device.

Video Placement

Perhaps you would expect a video to perform better on desktop, with users preferring a bigger screen. Whilst there is more of a split than the previous example, close to ¾ of the reach and engagement were on a mobile device.

photo album placement

Finally, a photo gallery. Surely a user would prefer to see images on the big screen? That’s an overwhelming win for mobile again.

So, What do we Take From This?

From a content creator’s point of view I would say it’s crucial to remember that whilst we mostly work from a desktop in the office, it’s important to consider where our audience is likely to consume our content, and on what device.

Faster internet speeds, larger phone screens and the increasing availability of access to smart phones is nothing new, but old habits can die hard in an office environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Facebook Canvas could benefit your brand, or need any advice on optimising your social media content for mobile get in touch.

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