Twitter Trends of the Week:
19th -23rd September 2016

September 23rd, 2016 in Social Media 3 minute read

It’s hard to say the world of twitter was anything less than dramatic this week. Two old ladies left Britain with heartache, whilst one celebrity couple shook up the world with rumours of lost loves, new flames and messy accusations. Here’s a summary of the weeks most important events, according to twitter!


Monday’s #closingceremony of the 2016 Paralympics saw the official ending to the year’s biggest sporting events. This year saw both GB teams win their most amount of medals yet, placing 2nd in both leader boards and proudly returning home with a phenomenal 67 Olympic medals, 27 of which were gold and 147 Paralympic medals of which 64 were gold!

With astounding accomplishments such as Yorkshire Paralympian Kadeena Cox becoming the first British athlete to win gold medals in two sports at the same Games since 1984 and Dame Sarah Storey becoming the most successful female Paralympian ever with her overall total of 14 gold medals, it’s really no surprise so many of us were bursting with country pride whilst watching the Paralympic closing ceremony. In fact, 39,494 of you were so elated you took to twitter to share your joy on just Monday night alone! Even more phenomenally over the month of September over 25,139,300 tweets were shared using the hashtag #Rio2016 making it the one of the most used hashtags to date in 2016!


On Tuesday afternoon, just hours after she’d told her husband, Angelina Jolie announced to the world that she had filed for divorce from partner of 12 years, Brad Pitt. The couple met in 2004 on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, began their relationship whilst Mr Pitt was still married to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and have had a very public relationship ever since. For the last 10 years they’ve depicted the ‘perfect family’ and after 6 children, endless movie success and regular positive comments regarding one another the revelation of divorce was definitely unexpected!

After @TMZ shared the exclusive announcement, now ironically named ‘Brexpitt’ a phenomenal 473,467 tweets were shared about #Brangelina in just the first day! Since then the count of tweets shared about the couple has insanely racked up to 878,370 in over just 4 days!

Most tweets were sharing the sorrow, sadness and disbelief that the ultimate power couple are no more but unbelievably 24,100 tweets also included the hashtag #JenniferAniston not to mention the endless variations like ‘#TeamJen, #TeamAniston or #JensKarma’. They says your past will come back to haunt you but for Jen An this is one very public haunting.



This week saw the departure of two favourites from the primetime show Great British Bake Off.

Despite her inability to count the animals in Noah’s Ark or her numerous unfinished bakes Yorkshire born Val stole our hearts from episode one and left us singing her praises, much like her cakes sang to her. It’s safe to say that 66 year old Val was the best fruitcake in the baking tent this year as she brightened up the show with her bake aerobics and her scatty chats with desserts.

This week the ‘Star Baker Val’ bubble was burst and after 5 weeks of somehow miraculously staying in Val was eliminated from the nation’s favourite baking competition.

Despite weeks of disbelief she was still in the competition, over 140,500 of you took to twitter to declare your heartbreak over the lovable granny’s departure.

If that wasn’t bad enough, whilst our wounds from losing Val were still as raw as the base of her Bakewell Tart, the GBBO team took our already delicate hearts and completely tore them apart, much like it was a freshly baked loaf of Tiger Bread. (Oh the endless baking puns).

On Thursday morning Mary Berry made her official statement that this series would be her last judging the Great British Bake Off. She was staying loyal to the BBC and not moving over to Channel 4 in the widely controversial channel change for the show. Within minutes thousands of tweets were posted and within just two days 442,633 tweets had been shared on the social media site!

I wonder what will be trending next week…

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