Got What it Takes to Be a Social Media Guru?

Got What it Takes to Be a Social Media Guru?

Will you make Mark Zuckerberg proud or is it time to step away from the keyboard?

Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1 of 8
Uh oh! Looks like you forgot to spellcheck this tweet, and have mistaken men’s cologne for, well, something not so fragrant… A reader has pointed out your mistake. How do you respond?

Question 2 of 8
#NationalDogsDay is coming up. You already know that your audience might be interested. What do you do?

Question 3 of 8
It’s #PizzaFriday! And someone has engaged with your delicious looking content. Winning! What do you do now?

Question 4 of 8
Oh dear, this customer does not look too happy with the service they received. How are you going to deal with it?

Question 5 of 8
You receive the following message, but don’t know the answer without checking first. Now what?

Question 6 of 8
Oops, wrong footballer! Easily done, but people are starting to notice. What do you do?

Question 7 of 8
You notice the hashtag #NoOneKnows is trending. What do you do?

Question 8 of 8
You worked hard on a new fashion video for YouTube, but the first comment after half an hour is this… How do you respond?

You’re all done!


Admit it. You only took this test to show off, didn’t you?

You clearly have what it takes to manage social media and build a strong relationship with your community.

In an arena where the rules are constantly changing, this is pretty good going.

Even in those sticky and cringe-worthy moments you were able to diffuse the situation without causing too much collateral damage.

You made Mark Zuckerberg proud.

To take your brand awareness to the next level and spread your wisdom to an even wider audience, social video and paid content is the answer.

You’re a social media diamond in the rough.

Your general awareness of the social-media-sphere is evident, but your decision-making needs work.

Snap decisions, while time efficient, can be risky. Especially when you’re always in the spotlight. Careful consideration in the context of the broader picture is key.

Thankfully, most people can forgive a social media blunder or two. In fact, with a stroke of brilliance in your response, a fail can quickly turn into a win!

With the right community management training you’ll be on your way.

Don’t give up your day job.

You can’t just run a business or manage a brand on social media just because you used Facebook that one time.

This is supposed to be an opportunity to touch base with your audience and paint your image positively. You did the opposite of that.

There’s a big difference in demonstrating a bit of personality and showing potential customers the finger.

Your so-called social media content and strategy needs to be revisited ASAP before there’s no way back.

You’re going viral! For all the wrong reasons.

You hear that? That is the sound of Mark Zuckerberg crying as his tears fall to the ground. And it’s all because of you.

You should really let somebody take care of your social media accounts before someone ends up in prison.

There are no hard and fast rules to social media management, but when your customers can find no positives from their experience, it’s time to draw the line!

Your only hope is to invest in social media training from the ground up.

If you don’t you might just end up on a list like this one!

Getting your results...

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