In-House Developer vs. Development Agency

November 15th, 2012 in Views 2 minute read

OK, you have a company which is progressing very well… you also have a website that is earning it’s keep…. But it’s now time to grow your site and you’re not sure how.

Your website is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make when it comes to marketing your business, SO… it has to be done right!!! You would then ask yourself, should I hire an in-house web developer or outsource an agency to do the job?

When building a complex cutting edge site, agencies are known to be more ideal when it comes to providing a wider range of expertise. This can be done by using a team of specialists with a range of knowledge and expertise such as a direct marketing background, SEO experts, branding gurus, technical web geniuses, and many more. Whereas, if you decide to use an in-house developer it’s unlikely for them to have the specialist knowledge and expertise as agencies would and could deliver.

Of course, you could hire a web developer  who could be a website specialist but he/she could still lack some form of expertise in one or more essential aspects of the website. A website not only needs to look good but also needs to be search engine friendly. Investing money in training him/her, not only will it be time consuming for the developer but it will also slow down the development process of the website. Not to mention, if you decide to use an in-house web developer the drawback could be the fact that there would be a lack of fresh new ideas and creativity due to the fact that he/she usually works alone compared to agencies who would have the advantage of working with a group of people.

If you choose to hire a in-house developer who specialises in the different sectors of web development starting from programming, search optimisation and user interface, you will still not receive the maximum benefits of a comprehensive “online marketing agency” that may have a strong foundational background, not only in web development but also in many sectors of online marketing that could essentially benefit your website in the long run.

In my opinion, it’s more ideal to hire a digital agency rather than depend solely on a web developer. As web developers focus mostly on creating websites and as a result, they tend to not prioritise the marketing strategies necessary to a websites potential success.

An online marketing agency can help to both build your website and also consider the various methods of optimization in order to effectively maximize your websites and businesses potential.

So would you rather have one person dealing with online marketing, web development, content management, SEO, social media and customer interaction or do you want a group of uniquely skilled professionals?

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