My Work Placement at Zeal

June 16th, 2015 in Views 3 minute read

I came to work at Zeal for two weeks as part of my work placement. The idea of working in a Digital Marketing agency – when I hadn’t done anything like this before – was daunting to say the least! I arrived on my first day and was introduced to the team. During my first few days I was working with the Performance Marketing team (Dan, Ben and Ella), and I learned about the different types of ads that you see every day when on the internet. Who knew so much went into the little ads on Google?! I found this really interesting, as the results of your work are visible and it seems very rewarding.

On Wednesday, I moved around the office and began working with Hetty and Niki on the Social Media side of things. This involved thinking of interesting facts/posts for clients Twitter and Instagram accounts – which is harder than it seems if you aren’t feeling particularly creative that day! Wednesday was the night of the monthly Zeal quiz and I was teamed up with Ella and Hetty. Shockingly, we somehow managed to win the quiz! This was Ella’s first quiz win, and obviously mine too. The quiz night was a lot of fun and it was nice to get to know people outside of the office!

Thursday brought something completely new as the social team were holding a photo-shoot for a client’s campaign. I had a lot of fun participating in this campaign and getting stuck in!

A working week really does make you appreciate the weekend a lot more! Friday soon crept up on me and my first week was almost over before I knew it. The task I was assigned by Hetty was to match up the photographs that were taken on Thursday with some inspirational quotes that I had found to be used on the graphics. This was a fun task as I was able to look through all the pictures of the exercises and see how well they had turned out. Something that I have learned is that a lot of patience is needed for social tasks, scrolling through pages and pages of google search to find the thing that you’re looking for!

Monday came again and I was excited for my second week at Zeal. Continuing to work with social, I was given tweets/ideas for things to post from different clients Twitter/Instagram accounts. I spent the majority of my afternoon completing my various work placement forms that are needed to hand in to my University (yes, which was as boring and tedious as it sounds).

Day seven at Zeal and I was now working with Tanya and Kristina on Organic Promotion. This involved searching through the dark depths of the internet to find possible appropriate bloggers to be used for different creative campaigns. It was an enjoyable task as I was able to read loads of different blogs varying from travel, lifestyle, fashion and design.

Last but not least, I was introduced to the Content Marketing department and worked with Lora for the remaining two days. This was definitely my favourite division of the office as it involved a lot of writing – as a Media & Journalism student that comes naturally to me! From thinking of blog ideas for different clients, to writing this very post, it was a great way to round off my time at Zeal.

Thanks to everyone at Zeal for making me feel so welcome during these two weeks, and a big thank you to Jane for allowing me to come in!

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