VMC2016 – Creativity Vs Data

March 24th, 2016 in Views 1 minute read

Data can’t buy me love and creativity can’t be quantified

That was the statement which set the stage for what was to be a personal highlight for me, from yesterday’s Visual Media Conference.

The creativity vs data debate, humorously delivered by Gavin Shore and Mitch Vidler from Jaywing agency, pitched the two head-to-head in a sort of sparring session. The aim? To explore the age-old tension between head and heart; the fiery relationship between data and creativity online.

Each round of expertly made points was summarised by a series of statements, then left to the audience to decide the outcome by show of hands. A tough battle, creativity scraped the victory scoring 3 rounds to 2.

Let’s see what each side had to say.

VMC2016 Creativity vs data debate

VMC2016 Creativity vs data debate

VMC2016 Creativity vs data debate

VMC2016 Creativity vs data debate

VMC2016 Creativity vs data debate

Of course this debate was subjective, concluding that there should never really be a clear winner.

The debate playfully demonstrated that both sides have their weaknesses. Creative ideas without the data-driven insights carry substantial risk. Equally, collecting and analysing data is left handicapped without the proper execution and delivery of a creative idea.

Jaywing then left us with this beautifully worded takeaway for this all too familiar marketing equilibrium.

Creativity and data need to flex, with humility and respect for each other. Only together can they drive true brand value and better customer value

This year’s Visual Media Conference, as expected, came packed with insight and intrigue. From discovering the role augmented reality will play with brands, to the wise words of James Sommerville, Vice President of Global Design at Coca-Cola.

His message was simple, yet resonated with delegates and guest speakers alike.

Take risks beyond your comfort level

Perhaps something we can all take on board, irrespective of professional background.

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