4 Things I’ve Learnt After 4 Years at Zeal

May 18th, 2017 in Views 2 minute read

I’ve definitely learnt more than 4 things during my time at Zeal, but as I celebrated my 4th Zeal work anniversary last month I thought I’d share some of the things that I didn’t necessarily expect to learn, and things I never knew would be so important to me in my job.

Patience and determination

As a young professional, I wanted to learn, grow, develop, and take over the world by the time I was 30. Now that I am 30, I realise that regardless of your ambitions, being patient really is a virtue. Understanding your industry and the impact the work that you do takes time and experience. Regardless of how much self-learning you do, you can never make up for what time will teach you.

With online marketing, everything changes constantly. You have to learn new techniques, platforms, and tools every other day. If you’re not determined and passionate about what you do, then the work becomes exhausting and overwhelming. You have to keep an open mind and want to constantly improve and grow to be able to really flourish.

People are the greatest asset

Working at Zeal, together with 25 other passionate industry experts, I’ve come to realise that we would be nothing without each other. Literally, we wouldn’t. But we also wouldn’t be able to do the great work that we do if every single person in the company didn’t have the right attitude and if we didn’t have the strong relationships we have.

It’s not necessarily about experience or skill (although that’s always good to have), or even the technology that you have and use, but the understanding of what it is that you do and how it affects the business owners and stakeholders we deal with on a daily basis. That level of insight, care, and respect for what you do and the people you do it with is essential.

Digital marketing & advertising is where it’s at

Going on from that, I love working with companies and seeing them prosper through the work that we do. We help companies generate better results and become more successful – how awesome is that?! It’s a very rewarding industry to work in.

This industry, and particularly agency side, is a great place to get exposure to a wide range of skills that you can put in your toolbox for the future. Online isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re thinking of a career in digital – go for it!

Having fun at work is the key to success

People are more productive and creative when happy, it’s a fact, look it up. And when you have fun and enjoy what you do it will make you better both professionally and personally. Also, being proud of what you do gives you a sense of achievement in life, doing good work that you want to boast about is key.

I’ve had some of the best times in my life with Team Zeal during the last few years. We’ve done so much fun stuff together outside of work hours which means that we all enjoy spending time together when we’re back in the office collaborating on work.

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