My Work Experience at Zeal

July 28th, 2017 in Views 2 minute read

I’m Alice, I am seventeen years old and currently studying A levels in Sociology, Psychology, and Media with the hope of studying Anthropology at Birmingham University. I did a week’s worth of work experience at Zeal as part of my A levels and these are my thoughts on my experience…

Throughout my week’s work experience placement at Zeal I have been given a variety of tasks to complete. I’ve done things such as write blog posts for their blogger network Digital PR, I have sourced websites and blogs for different purposes, taken photos for their Instagram page, scheduled and written tweets, packed blogger parcels for them and helped put together competitions.

I’m really fortunate that while working at Zeal I wasn’t treated any less than an official employee; it certainly didn’t seem as if I was given the tasks they didn’t want to do which is always a good feeling! The tasks that were given to me felt official and as if I actually contributed to the company, and the team here really made me feel welcome and that my work was valued.

Each task has helped me develop a particular skill – further motivating me and increasing my productivity, and therefore improving the quality of the work that I have, and will produce. As well as the tasks, the environment at Zeal has also been very enjoyable. Everyone is so friendly, and definitely gave me a helping hand when I felt as if I was struggling.  I also really enjoyed the independence I was given while working in the London office this week. I also really enjoyed and appreciated that the work I did was noticed and respected. For example, I was able to publish one of the blog posts I created on the Zeal Buzz blogger outreach network here.

This week my confidence has definitely grown. With the increased responsibility and the appreciation I was given for my work, I feel as if I have developed certain skills that I can undoubtedly apply to other areas. From this experience, I also feel as if I will be ready when I take on my next job and will be confident entering a work environment. I also believe as if I have matured substantially since the beginning of the week, as I feel maturity comes alongside independence.

The main attribute I’ve learned while working at Zeal is how to take initiative upon myself. Because of this I feel like I could produce better work and push the boundaries to make my work creative and exciting, rather than ‘sticking between the lines’. While in the office I took part in brainstorming sessions for upcoming campaigns and I learned that no idea is a bad idea, rather that all ideas are valued, even if they aren’t used.

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