The Zeal Christmas Ad Champion of 2017

December 1st, 2017 in Views 14 minute read

December is here and with it comes, snow, decorating the offices, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé on the office playlist, festive photos for the Meet the Team page and the Zeal advent calendar! To get us all in the festive spirit, even more, we’ve been watching this year’s offering of Christmas Ads and rating them.

Find out which ones we loved and which one was “Well boring”…

Tesco: Turkey, Every Which Way #EveryonesWelcome

Chrys: “Funny advert” 10/10

Abby: “Kinda lame, can’t relate, don’t eat turkey.” 0.5/10 VERY BORING

Kristina: “Don’t mind it too much, it’s trying to be realistic, but still feels a bit forced.” 7/10

Jordan: “I enjoyed this years’ Tesco ad – some very relatable scenarios. I’m a big fan of the calm cover songs often heard in Christmas ads, so this advert ticks many boxes for me.” 7/10

Bekah: “Loved this one, made me feel really festive!” 10/10

Nick P: “We’ve got a turkey for you, also describes the ad. Rehashing the same old idea of little things to go wrong at Christmas, try again.” 5/10

Jane: “Warm and cuddly but lacks a killer punch.” 8/10

Georgette: “Great concept, inclusive and relatable.” 6/10

Ella: “Like the idea but too much focus on the turkey – what if you have beef wellington for dinner?” 6/10

Naomi: “I like that it’s not focussed on ‘things you don’t need to buy’ & feels quite real in terms of families. Misses out folks who have a small Christmas though & I hate turkey!” 7/10

Laura: “Didn’t stand out. Christmas for everyone… where are the doggos?” 6/10

Sam: “A bit too PC but quite accurately captures certain elements of Christmas.” 5/10

Carl: “I like it, very relatable and who doesn’t love a turkey sandwich on Boxing Day?” 8/10

Ross: “I like the sentiment behind this, and the fact it’s not overly twee.” 7/10

Lora: “One of my favourites this year! I think everyone can relate to something in the ad.” 9/10

Simon: “Simple, relatable, effective.” 6/10

Reece: “I liked that it had a bit of humour and showed a typical family Christmas.” 5/10

Emil: “I watched this one last and felt like the ‘typical Christmas in a typical home’ has been done way too much. Ya boring.” 5/10

Raaj: “It’s not too bad.” 3/10

ASDA: Best Christmas Ever

Chrys: “Hmm, it’s a Christmas advert, but nothing special – it also reminds me of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” 6/10

 Abby: “Um ok.”  2/10

Kristina: “(I like the other version of this better) If you put horror music over this, the old guy hanging out with the young girl all of a sudden feel very wrong…” 8/10

Jordan: “A great advert with fantastic production value. Enjoyable, catchy music which works well. Overall an entertaining advert. The story made me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – always a classic movie to watch at Christmas. If anything, a little short.” 7/10

Bekah: “This was even too much for me, and I LOVE Christmas.” 3/10

Nick P: “Wes Anderson meets Willy Wonka, nice charming idea but the execution felt flat, the ending was completely anti-climactic.” 6/10

Jane: “Stupid, hate the music, puerile.” 2/10

Georgette: “Love the Charlie & The Chocolate factory theme.” 6/10

Ella: “I like the magical aspect, reminds me of the film polar express for some reason.” 7/10

Naomi: “No. Would supermarket adverts please stop ruining Fleetwood Mac?!” 1/10

Laura: “Best of the bunch. Feel-good Christmas fun.” 10/10

Sam: “Really fun visually but the meaning of the idea is a bit lost on me.” 4/10

Carl: “Well made, but what does Charlie and the Chocolate Factory got to do with Christmas?” 6/10

Ross: “Like a really crap mashup of a Tim Burton and Wes Anderson film.” 1/10

Lora: “Not a fan. Didn’t feel festive and total Charlie and the Chocolate Factory rip off. Only saving grace was the Fleetwood Mac soundtrack.” 2/10

Simon: “Un-original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory rip-off.” 5/10

Reece: “I liked that it was different to your average supermarket Christmas advert.” 7/10

Emil: “This was fun. Felt like I was on a little adventure as well.” 8/10

Raaj: “Unreal expectations for what Christmas is.” 2/10

Sainsbury’s: Every Bit of Christmas

Chrys: “I really like this advert! I like that they are using everyday people from different backgrounds and not just actors (well, they might do but you can’t really tell). It’s all about memories and enjoying time with your friends and family and people that make you happy.” 10/10

Abby: “Thank God for that Kermy cameo appearance, saved the whole ad.”  6/10

Kristina: “Another attempt of being ultra-realistic and ‘modern’ by using YouTube like ‘real’ people. But I don’t want to listen to people who can’t sing.” 4/10

Jordan: “I’m not a massive fan of this years’ Sainsbury’s Christmas ad. Definitely doesn’t compare to their Christmas catchy ad last year ‘The Greatest Gift’ which I really enjoyed – I remember that one well!” 4/10

Bekah: “Feels a bit awkward as it’s like ‘fake’ reality videos, but I don’t hate the song.” 5/10

Nick P: “Bit long and samey but like the idea. I was a big fan of Wieden & Kennedy’s main campaign for Sainsbury’s but this feels like a forced attempt to adapt it to Christmas.” 7/10

Jane: “Literally cannot even watch that one – horrible in every way.” 0/10

Georgette: “Harsh I know but, not a fan! I didn’t even finish the ad #SorryNotSorry.” 3/10

Ella: “The singing is SO ANNOYING. Also, that brussels sprout puts me off and I hate them.” 3/10

Naomi: “MAKE IT STOP NOW. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.” 0/10

Laura: “Ugh, I hate singing. Does that make me Scrooge?” 2/10

Sam: “Felt like a refreshing change to the overly emotive offerings we’re used to from the big players.” 6/10

Carl: “Really obnoxious, why doesn’t it have a karaoke thing going on?” 4/10

Ross: “Do they think we’ll all be sat at home singing along?” 1/10

Lora: “I loved Mog the Cat and even James Cordon’s annoying singing last year was better than this. Only positive is that it would have been a bit insensitive to go for an all-out blockbuster ad with their recent job cuts.” 3/10

Simon: “Very low budget but that’s to be expected considering their recent job losses (would have been 2/10 otherwise).” 5/10

Reece: “Doesn’t really stand out, not really my thing. Feels like not much effort went into it.” 4/10

Emil: “Way too long and quite annoying. Couldn’t finish it.” 4/10

Raaj “Awful jingle.” 1/10

John Lewis: Moz the Monster

Chrys: “I like this advert, but I was expecting more to be honest, especially after the penguin advert!” 7/10

Abby:Fail they should’ve done a collab with Disney & got Sully and Boo -THAT would’ve been great! In all honesty, I’m comparing it to buster the dog & man on the moon now they were amazing, I just watched them now & welled up a little bit.” 3/10

Kristina: “Well produced and cute, but I don’t really understand the story.” 6/10

Jordan: “There is always very high expectations and anticipation for the John Lewis advert every year, but as always with John Lewis they have produced a really good Christmas advert. Adverts with good production value which tell a story and have great music to accompany are what I love about Christmas ads and although I don’t think it’s their best, I think John Lewis have succeeded again.” 8/10

Bekah: “Cute, not my favourite John Lewis though…” 7/10

Nick P: “Waste of money, insomniac kid, trying too hard.” 4/10

Jane: “Nice production, bit too safe for my liking – it’s been done, Up your game John Lewis!” 6/10

Georgette: “I like it, but I have so many questions, where did the monster come from? Why did he leave?” 7/10

Ella: “I really don’t get it, who gave him the present and why does that mean the monster disappears…” 3/10

Naomi: “It feels like they got halfway through and ran out of budget. Bring back the little penguin.” 4/10

Laura: “Underwhelming, not Christmassy enough!” 4/10

Sam: “This feels like the contingency idea. What happened to the real Christmas ad?!” 4/10

Carl: “A really poor effort, nowhere near as good as their previous ads – and also a rip off of someone else’s work too!” 3/10

Ross: “Nice song, well made. But it leaves me feeling a bit, meh.” 5/10

Lora: “John Lewis is always the Christmas ad I’m most excited for but I was a bit underwhelmed this year. It has the nice, cosy John Lewis vibe and a bit of a tear jerker when Moz disappears but I think they certainly need to up their game next year. Bring back Monty the penguin.” 6/10

Simon: “Boooooring.” 3/10

Reece: “I liked Moz, it told a story and got you emotionally interested.” 8/10

Emil: “They’ve dropped the ball on this one. Very meh.” 5/10

Raaj: “Doesn’t even seem that relative to Christmas.” 2/10

M&S: Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

Chrys: “A classic Christmas advert :-)” 7/0

Abby: “Well boring.”  1/10

Kristina “I’ve never watched Paddington so I can’t really relate, but outside of that it just feels like it’s missing the mark slightly.” 4/10

Jordan: “With Paddington 2 out in cinemas I think M&S have been clever having Padding Bear as the focus of their new Christmas ad. Again, although different, I really like how the M&S advert tells a story. I think this advert will be a popular one this year which will get people talking!” 8/10

Bekah: “You can’t not love Paddington?!” 8/10

Nick P “Fun idea, but stop pimping out childhood characters.” 7/10

Jane: “Clever to tie in with Paddington so points for that, you gotta love the bear but I find it unrealistic.” 7/10

Georgette: “Christmas thief turns hero…I get it.” 7.5/10

Ella: “Who doesn’t love Paddington bear.” 9/10

Naomi: “YES. PADDINGTON. WINNER. I love that hairy little bear.” 10/10

Laura: “One of the best. Put me in a Christmassy mood.” 9/10

Sam: “Relying quite heavily on borrowed interest from Paddington Bear. Decent but uninspired.” 5/10

Carl: “Not only have they got Paddington, but it’s actually a funny story too!” 10/10

Ross: “I want serious festive food porn from an M&S Christmas ad, not a bear in a hat.” 5/10

Lora: “Ahh Paddington. Cute advert and a nice story. #LoveTheBear.” 8/10

Simon: “Paddington and a cheeky Notting Hill reference. What’s not to like?” 7/10

Reece: “Had a little humour but I didn’t really get what it was advertising other than Paddington bear and I never really watched him growing up.” 4/10

Emil: “Was also ok. Guess you need to be a fan of Paddington to fully appreciate?” 6/10

Raaj: “Why is there a burglar hanging around with Paddington Bear…” 2/10

Aldi: Kevin the Carrot

Chrys: “I like the fact that is about a carrot-love story and not the snowman, which it would be the obvious plot…and the last ‘Titanic’ scene was so funny!” 9/10

Abby:Bit weird.” 4/10

Kristina: “Great storytelling, funny, and very festive!” 9/10

Jordan: “A nice advert, but didn’t we see the carrot last year? It would have been nice to have seen something different from Aldi.” 5/10

Bekah: “Love the fact it’s continued on from last year’s advert. Also, loved the dad jokes. ‘I think I peed myself’” 7/10

Nick P: “Who doesn’t love anthropomorphic carrots.” 8/10

Jane: “All the points are for the end line “I think I peed myself” classic Christmas.” 6/10

Georgette: “BRILLAINT! I love a good story, narrative mixed with the right amount of humour. #CarrotsNeedLoveToo” 9/10

Ella: “I quite like how they’ve used the carrot again to familiarise yourself with the brand and the ‘I think I’ve just pee’d myself’ line made me lol.” 5/10

Naomi: “Love a good (bad) dad joke. Pretty funny.” 9/10

Laura: “Weird. Could’ve included other veg, maybe some gay brussels sprouts? It’s 2017 Aldi.” 5/10

Sam: “Finally a story worth investing in.” 7/10

Carl: “Don’t get it at all.” 5/10

Ross: “I quite like the carrot.” 5/10

Lora: “Kevin is back. Love Jim Broadbent’s narration and the dad jokes. Will be interesting to see if they come up with something different next year or another Kevin and Katie instalment.” 6/10

Simon: “Kevin the carrot looking for a roasting on the Polar Express (plus, Edward Scissorhands music – nice).” 8/10

Reece: “I thought this one was quite funny and a clever way of showing what they sell.” 8/10

Emil: “Carrots were cute-ish. Not sure who committed the murder though?” 6/10

Raaj: “An advert about Christmas food.” 6/10

Debenhams: You Shall Find Your Fairytale Christmas

Chrys: “A romantic love-story I guess..?” 6/10

Abby: “TOO DIGITAL, I get hashtags make the world go round but nah, not feeling it AND they went through all that trouble for the shoe to be chucked on the floor? Meh.”  4/10

Kristina: “It actually gave me goosebumps, even though I didn’t want it to!” 9/10

Jordan: “A really nice advert with a story – No catchy music but I’m a big fan! Sorry John Lewis, your advert was great in my opinion, but I think we have a winner here.” 9/10

Bekah: “Even with the Ewan McGregor cameo I’m not a fan. I found it all a bit cringe.” 3/10

Nick P: “Bit too corny for me. Who just makes out with someone for returning a shoe? Also, what are you doing Ewan!” 6/10

Jane: “Nice production values but just a bit standard.” 5/10

Georgette: “I’ve watched this ad more times than I would like to admit, it’s amazing, great Christmas love story; maybe I’ll leave one of my vans on the tube.” 10/10

Ella: “A bit cheesy but I was genuinely interested in whether they found each other again, and Ewan McGregor’s voice is nice.” 8/10

Naomi: “Blah blah blah. No.” 1/10

Laura: “Meh, predictable. Spice it up Debenhams.” 3/10

Sam: “Enough to make you hate 2017.” 3/10

Carl: “Doesn’t really make that much sense to me, and I wonder how much they paid Ewan McGregor for that?” 7/10

Ross: “Definitely feels festive, although concerned about whether Ewan McGregor is qualified to be tinkering with street lights.” 6/10

Lora: “A modern well-dressed fairy tale. Loved Ewan McGregor’s narration and cameo and felt very Christmassy afterwards.” 8/10

Simon: “That was pleasant.” 6/10

Reece: “This one made me feel a bit indifferent… the snog was a bit much.” 5/10

Emil: “Modern twist on a classic fairy-tale. I’ll allow it.” 7/10

Raaj: “Cheesy.” 1/10

Boots: Show Them You Know Them

Chrys: “The importance of the family.” 8/10

Abby: “Cute”. 5/10

Kristina: “Good story, like the hashtag, but the acting was poor.” 8/10

Jordan: “Nice music, but fairly average otherwise. I think this advert could have been more Christmassy. Let’s have some snow next year Boots!” 5/10

Bekah: “Maybe it’s just because I’m incredibly close to my sisters but I loved this one!” 9/10

Nick P: “Drivel.” 3/10

Jane: “Slightly tingly, very Christmassy, All the feels, good music.” 9/10

Georgette: “Cute, I’m all about gifts that show my loved one I know them, deffo warm and fuzzy feelings from this one.” 8/10

Ella: “Wasn’t very Christmassy…” 5/10

Naomi: “Bit short innit?” 6/10

Laura: “Yawn! I’ll still be fighting with my sister at Christmas.” 3/10

Sam: “Simple idea yet nicely executed. Heart-warming.” 7/10

Carl: “Probably better if you’ve got a sister…” 7/10

Ross: “I’d have preferred it if she had actually just got her a voucher at the end.” 6/10

Lora: “Pulls on the heartstring and really like the soundtrack. I wanted to know what was in the box though!” 6/10

Simon: “Make an effort, it’s Christmas!” 3/10

Reece: “Just a below average Christmas advert.” 3/10

Emil: “Extremely relatable and probably a much more accurate depiction of the ‘Christmas feeling’ (not a silly monster under a bed).” 9/10

Raaj: “Doesn’t even seem Christmassy but the whole memories take is nice.” 4/10

Waitrose: Christmas Together

Chrys: “Nice advert!” 7/10

Abby: “LOVE the intro music, I was humming along HOWEVER, I was left wondering how they cooked all that food with no power?”  5.5/10

Kristina: “Gives you that pub-Christmas feeling!” 7/10

Jordan: “Overall a good advert with a nice story. I’m not quite sure on the stylistic choice of black and white however – I think it lets it down a little.” 7/10

Bekah: “I didn’t hate it but I don’t know if I’d remember it.” 6/10

Nick P: “A new idea! Let’s go to the pub and wait for all this to blow over. Enjoyed this one.” 8/10

Jane: “Just no. I’m claustrophobic so would hate to be stuck in a pub in the middle of nowhere. Also no one has hit the whiskey hard so it’s unrealistic.” 3/10

Georgette: “Good concept, don’t think I would remember it compared to the others.” 7/10

Ella: “It was okay – don’t really have anything bad or good to say about it.” 6/10

Naomi: “Does the job. I’m in two minds about the black & white though.” 7/10

Laura: “I liked it. Features a dog, thumbs up.” 7/10 

Sam: “Pleasant enough but missed a trick not shooting the food scene in colour.” 5/10

Carl: “Bit boring really isn’t it?” 3/10

Ross: “Snowed in? In a remote pub? With loads of Waitrose food? Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me.” 7/10

Lora: “Nice cosy festive advert. Not sure about the black and white but did make me hungry and want to find a pub with a roaring fire pronto.” 7/10

Simon: “Bleak.” 4/10

Reece: “Points for being different than the usual.” 6/10

Emil: “It was ok.” 6/10

Raaj: “Too bland.” 3/10

Zeal’s Christmas Ad Champion of 2017 is…

M&S with their Paddington and the Christmas Visitor ad! The second year running that M&S has been crowned our Zeal Christmas Ad Champion. We already can’t wait to see what next years ads bring and whether anyone can steal the crown from M&S?

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