Post Lockdown Wellbeing Snapshot

July 19th in Views 2 minute read

We need your help!

A lot has happened in the past 16 months: national lockdowns, various restrictions coming-and-going, uncertainty about what’s next – its been quite chaotic. Since March 2020, COVID has brought about disruption in one way or another to everyone and every business, challenging us to adjust how we go about our lives and keep each other safe.

As of Monday 19th July 2021 a number of COVID restrictions have been eased in England, enabling the majority of businesses to begin operating more in-line with Ways of Working before the pandemic began. Across the rest of the UK, COVID restrictions are set to ease in the coming weeks too.

While we can in theory put back in place business operations just like they were before coronavirus landed on our doorstep, its not that simple in practice. We as individuals (and as a society) have changed. From basic feelings through to attitudes and perceptions of day-to-day life, our mindset has been on a journey. Through conversation with Team Zeal and our wider network, it sounds like individual wellbeing is one area that has experienced the most disruption (in some cases for the better, but in some for the worse).

Now we’re returning to our places of work, we wanted to conduct some research to see how people are feeling. We have decided to do this by asking individuals to compare their current attitudes and feelings to those before the COVID pandemic (pre-March 2020). We want to focus on wellbeing – be that physical health, mental wellbeing or work life.

We’re aiming to use this data to better understand how COVID has impacted our wellbeing – and what we can do as an employer to better support our team going forward. Jane has written a blog post specifically about Zeal’s culture and how we’re hoping this might be able to help us. We also want to share our findings with our wider network and friends too, with a view of working together so we can make improvements for our post-lockdown workforce.

So we need your help! We are reaching out to you, our team, friends, colleagues, clients associates – whoever you are. We are asking for 5 minutes of your time to anonymously answer some questions to the best of your ability – and to then share the questionnaire link with others so we can capture their thoughts too.

Take me to the survey

Please also share our questionnaire with your colleagues:

Alternatively, you can share the link to this blog post to give them a little more context:

We shall provide a summary of the questionnaire results on our blog. If you would like to receive email updates about our wellbeing snapshot, please use the form below.

Thank you in advance! If you would like to get in touch about our post lockdown snapshot, you can reach out to Jane and I by emailing

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