What Can You Make In An Adbreak?

February 26th, 2018 in Social Media 2 minute read

The Brief

Following the successful rebrand, and repackaging of the iconic cheese, we worked closely with the Primula team to produce a social advertising campaign positioning Primula as a convenient and delicious product, perfect for your evening in.

We needed to reach their core target audience, drive engagement and ultimately encourage purchase.

The Idea

To accomplish the brief, we undertook extensive research and ideation exploring a multitude of directions and strategies. Then it hit us, why don’t we speak directly to the audience at their peak times of phone use – during the adbreaks of their favourite shows.

We knew the audience enjoyed watching shows like Britain’s Got Talent, Coronation Street, Gogglebox etc, and we all know that adbreaks are a pain, with most people going to make a snack or using their phones rather than sitting and watching them. Therefore, if we could time social media posts to go out at the same time as the adbreaks, we could increase the reach and potential audience of the posts.

With the strategy in place, we moved on to the idea for the ads themselves. What Can You Make In An Adbreak was born, a series of 30 second recipe videos showing delicious food, that was simple and quick to make, challenging the audience to see what they could make in a 3 minute adbreak! The end of each video was coupled with a strong call to action, promoting the audience to send in their #AdbreakSqueeze for a chance to win.

The Production

To bring Primula and tasty recipes to life we undertook a series of videoshoots, creating a consistent tone, fun aesthetic and ultimately, show delicious food and melty cheese. Throughout production we were in constant communication with the social media team to ensure we were creating videos that would appeal to the audience, and encouraged interaction. During the post-production phase we followed our inhouse rules for social videos, including front-loading the first couple of seconds, editing for audiences that watch without audio and a 1:1 aspect ratio, all in order to improve engagement and results.

The Results

The campaign included 8 recipe videos, supporting assets, gifs and more. Generating a total reach of 631,700 with 367,980 views and over 2,000 reactions and comments (on Facebook alone!).

To find out how we can help you get the most out of your social media, and reach the right people through targeted advertising or video production don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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