Highlights Reel: The DotYork Conference

June 20th, 2016 in Web Development 3 minute read

Marketing Week Live, Leeds Digital Festival, the Visual Media Conference, and now The DotYork Conference. We can’t get enough of 2016’s great digital get-togethers.

Keeping us sharp, inspired and engaged with topics that the wider industry’s grappling with.

Free tea and biscuits make our attendance a done deal.

Earlier this month we attended The DotYork Conference at The Grand Opera House in York. Split into four well-structured ‘episodes’ over a single day, The DotYork Conference covered everything, from evaluating your digital projects’ success, and your personal development, to innovating the future of digital.

With everyone from Kate Ho and Jeremy Keith, Matthew Bloch and Pip Jamieson on the line-up, it was always going to be a day well spent. Yet the following talks did an especially great job of pricking our ears up.

Jake Archibald: Performance for Everyone – Advice for Making the Next Project Better

DotYork Conference

Host – Scott H Marlow of Modern Folklore introducing the ‘Making Progress’ episode.

“The web is better placed to combine the advantages of no-install necessary, with full offline-first loading.” So said Jake Archibald, a developer advocate for Google Chrome. And we have to say that we agree with him.

Like many users, he’s frustrated that the web fails due to poor connectivity, often when we need it the most. So he introduced his solution, ‘Service Worker’, which allows apps and websites to load offline. No prizes for guessing that this improves performance and provides a better user experience.

Pip Jamieson: Making Progress – Challenging Yourself to be More Productive and Get Things Done

DotYork Conference

This is the ‘Colleague Performance’ chart that Pip Jamieson uses frequently to measure her colleagues current state.

In an earlier talk, Christian Payne had already told us that we’re essentially “fleshy learning machines oiled with curiosity.” This next one explained how best to capitalise on it.

Pip Jamieson, one of Australia’s top female entrepreneurs, currently living on a houseboat in King’s Cross, London, introduced us to The Dots. Her LinkedIn for creatives. Use it to find new commercial opportunities and connect with like-minded professional friends.

The graph you’re looking at? That’s the graph that inspired the other half of her talk. You can measure a colleagues current state of mind, from being productive to stressed, and determine their optimum working conditions.

Charlotte Jackson: Continuous Learning – The Importance of Personal Development and Making the Time to Do It

DotYork Conference

The ‘Making Progress’ panel in action.

You can probably remember your first steps into the professional digital world like yesterday, which is why this next talk was so easy to connect with.

Graduating from the University of Brighton just two years ago, Charlotte Jackson has wasted no time in carving out her career as a front-end web developer at Clearleft – where she’s mentored by fellow DotYork Conference speaker, Jeremy Keith.

She made it quite clear when discussing her experiences in web development, that Keith had played a significant role in the improvement of her coding skills. Have you ever considered running a mentor scheme?

Robin Cramp: Measuring Success – What Happens After a Project Goes Live?

The Marketing Engagement Manager of the BBC’s Digital Innovation Initiative Connected Studio is a man you want a cuppa with. Robin Cramp is ultimately responsible for discovering innovative new creative technologies for the BBC. And he was here to share the fruits of his search with us.

From what we witnessed, he’s incredibly good at his job.

He talked about BBC Taster, a testing platform on which you can try BBC invented technologies on for size. It’s essentially a tantalising glimpse at the future of video and television. With your Oculus VR Headset, you can experience a 360 degree Virtual Reality and Virtual Voice experience of David Attenborough ‘meeting’ dinosaurs, for example, from the comfort of your own home.

Nights in, it seems, will be far more exciting in the years to come.

Penny for your thoughts, if you were there, what did you think of The DotYork Conference?

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