A Pawsitive Change for Digital Minds

March 28th, 2019 in Web Development 2 minute read

Recruitment specialists Digital Minds have been a long-time client of ours, initially approaching us for a website some 10 years ago.

Since then, technology has moved on and objectives have shifted. And so, the time came for their website to follow suit.

The Brief

The original website became out-dated in terms of its content, purpose, and underlying technology, and needed a reboot.

There were three key issues:

  1. Firstly, the business has outgrown the old and needed a website that better reflected their current aspirations.
  2. Secondly, the new website needed to be compliant with recent changes to GDPR.
  3. Finally, we needed to update the aesthetics of the site to give it a modern look that works on a variety of devices.

Taking these things into account, we decided it was best to start from scratch.

We proposed a ‘single page’ site where users could easily access information, on a platform that is lightweight and requires little to no maintenance from the client.

The Design

With a ‘single page’ website in mind, we knew the information had to be clearly broken down visually into segments, and present content to users in a logical and predictable order.

A limited colour palette, modern font, and a handful of puns were key ingredients to putting the bones (not sorry) of the website together.

We distilled the core information into 5 digestible chunks, not overloading users with copy, breaking up each chunk with a different dog-themed visual.

Intro – Disciplines – Jobs – Rewards – Contact

Working with constraints of a smaller budget, we selected free stock images (they’re still good dogs, folks!) and with a little editing, brought each one to life.

Have you ever photoshopped a biscuit closer to a dog’s mouth? No? Us neither, until now.

UX considerations

We knew that single page formats can result in a lot of scrolling, so we incorporated a clear navigation to let users jump to specific content with ease.

This simple functionality helps the website feel like a multi-page site while keeping the format stripped back.

The Build

Key Issue #1: Better serve the client

We built the site as a ‘single page’, before implementing a WordPress backend that the client could use to add or remove current jobs with ease.

Going with WordPress provided the required functionality and simple usability without adding any unnecessary features.

Key issue #2: GDPR

To make sure the new site was GDPR compliant, we opted for a simple Contact Us section so that there was no need to collect user data.

We also included a separate page to house the privacy notice out of the way.

Key issue #3: Modernising the website

The minimalistic design and functionality not only looks the part, but is responsive to keep mobile audiences in mind.

It ensures that the site is easy to navigate whether you’re using a mouse or a finger, and allows Digital Minds to reach users in a wider variety of scenarios.

In Conclusion

Digital Minds now have a site that accurately represents the business and the motivations of the people who will use it.

The responsive build allows users to access the information they’re looking for on any device with a tap or a click. It’s a website that works in the way you expect it to, with a low-maintenance backend to provide the best experience for both customer and client.

Get in touch to learn more about how our web development services and how we can work together for your next stage of growth.

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