A Week in My Job: Jane

September 16th, 2014 in A Week in My Job 3 minute read

Hello I’m Jane and the owner and MD of Zeal and this is a brief insight into what it’s like to be me for a week (totes amazeballs).

Monday is all about starting the week right. I’m obsessed with To Do lists and I feel so much better once I’ve gone through my emails, sorted my diary out and got a lovely fresh to do list sorted. This Monday is accounts day! I both love and hate accounts day in equal measures. My accountant will testify I’m probably not his most model client so I usually try to dedicate a whole day every month to writing and chasing invoices, dealing with any HMRC queries (who doesn’t love dealing with the HMRC), sorting through receipts and making sure our projections and cash flow are up to date. I moan a lot on accounts day but secretly I love it!


Tuesday. Today will mostly be spent on current client work. I sit down with one of the account directors to discuss a new strategy in order to improve results and also implement a new reporting and communication plan to make sure the client is getting the right amount of data. The day is also interspersed with little jobs like two new starters joining the pension scheme, booking the Christmas party, writing some content for the new website and arranging some meetings with suppliers and clients. I then spend some time going over slides for client meetings tomorrow to make sure we’ve got everything the client needs. The day finishes with a PT session. I’m doing a triathlon in a few days so I need all the help I can get!


Wednesday. Client meeting day! I enjoy going to see clients and I have two client meetings today which we are seeing really great results so it’s always even more of a pleasure knowing they will be really pleased with the agency’s work. Both meetings have a lot to go through so I dash from one back to the office for the second one. I stay late tonight to catch up on emails but still make it in time for my swimming lessons!


Thursday. New business today for me. Early start with a breakfast networking event and then into the office to chase up any proposals we have sent. I write new proposals and I’m usually either arranging meetings, or I’m out and about meeting possible new clients. It’s always genuinely interesting for me to meet new people and get to see inside new businesses, one of the biggest advantages of working agency side is the amount of exposure you get to other businesses. We’ve also started working with a new business agency in London so I spend some time getting ready for their meeting next week. Lastly, I try and sit down with each department and go over their individual new business plan. Everyone is able to generate new business so I spend some time helping other members of staff in their new business efforts! The day ends with a Zeal Quiz night. Our team was robbed so I’d rather say no more about that!

Friday. Usually a slightly slower pace of day although totally dependent on work load. Zeal is not your average agency that shuts at lunchtime on a Friday (sadly!) but we do sometimes have a beer in the office if we’ve had a good week. Before that though I have some one-to-ones with staff to make sure they are all happy, answer emails and I pop out of the office to go see a potential new client. After lunch I meet up with a contact who runs his own agency and we have a chat about a possible collaboration (and perhaps a small gossip!). The rest of the afternoon is spent finishing bits off, replying to emails and having a little tidy (tidy desk, tidy mind!)

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