A Week in My Job: Nick

September 16th, 2014 in A Week in My Job 2 minute read

I’m Nick, Designer at Zeal. I handle the creation of all graphic and web design work that comes through our doors.


Monday begins in the same way as most people – the checking, responding and organising of the weekend’s emails. Once that is out of the way I browse through various blogs and inspiration sites to keep up to date with the design news and start the week motivated and full of ideas.

Each week is different as it depends entirely on what projects we have and what state each of them are in. I generally try to use Monday to get any smaller requests done such as blog graphics and social media graphics. I can then focus on the bigger projects throughout the week without having to chop and change too much.



I work closely with the development team here at Zeal and we sit down regularly to make sure we are all working to the same goals and I’m not designing something that won’t work from a technical standpoint.  Tuesday is a great day for this as progress will have been made and new things can be discussed.



Wednesdays are fairly similar to most days in terms of flat out designing and back and forth with clients and other team members to keep progress high and ensuring the projects are shaping up in the way the client hoped. We are in the final stages of the design and development of our new website at the moment so Emmanuel and I are working closely so that the site is as good as we can make it and everything is done in time.



It is the same course of action on Thursdays with the slight difference that I aim to get work in progress over to clients towards the end of the week and touch base on their views. We use an app called InVision that has helped to keep feedback on design work centralised in one system and avoid the nightmare of email where things can get missed and mislaid.

This week has been leading up to Thursday where we kicked off the monthly Zeal Quiz Night and as the team’s regular quiz goer; I had the pleasure of being Quiz Master. The end of my day was spent finalising questions, printing answer sheets and checking answers. I would never hear the end of it if I make a mistake!


Any design work that didn’t go over to the client earlier in the week gets its time on a Friday with the hope that I can come in on Monday with some nice feedback waiting. This is another day where the smaller jobs take precedence with any that I don’t manage to fit in, waiting until Monday.

Towards the end of the day I try and catch up with the dev team to discuss where we are in terms of project timelines and organising emails and to do lists so I can pick up quickly on Monday. Then if we are lucky, the occasional beer o’clock will happen and I welcome in the weekend with a nice cider while I work.

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