A Week in My Job: Tanya

September 16th, 2014 in A Week in My Job 1 minute read

I’m Tanya, Outreach Executive at Zeal. I run many of our creative campaigns, driving organic traffic and increasing reach and brand awareness through collaborations with online influencers. This blogger outreach basically enables me to build relationships with some pretty amazing people and send them gifts and products that they will enjoy and help make their lives easier, I think you’d be crazy not to love that job! My weeks are usually pretty hectic and even though I don’t usually prioritise certain days for different tasks, I have chosen a few tasks from every day to explain a little of what I do.


Monday mornings were made for replying to emails! After the weekend it’s straight back to it and my inbox gets a good clear out. Kristina and I then have a sit down and discuss plans for the week ahead. The day is then spent getting to grips with each campaign and tracking its progress, sorting any issues and planning ahead with creative campaigns.



I try to spend some of my time working on our blogger network and Tuesdays seem as good a day as any. This could mean maintaining the network or sourcing bloggers from it to join our campaigns or simply upkeep on the social channels or the blog.



Midweek is a good time for client work and reporting, this could be on-page reports or results slides from previous campaigns. I also try to check over each campaign to make sure they are on track throughout the week.


We send out plenty of packages to our blogger network each week and they all need packing and sending before the weekend hits. I guess it’s no surprise that the parcel tape and scissors permanently live on my desk, a desk that at the moment actually resembles a small stationary shop!



A department round up meeting helps to see if we have hit our targets for the week and points out things to focus on in the following week. Fridays are fun days and can involve a puppy playdate or beer o’clock to see us into the weekend.

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