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April 22nd, 2015 in A Week in My Job 2 minute read

Hello! I’m Nick, one of the web developers here at Zeal. I’m responsible for creating and maintaining the websites as part of the Zeal Create team.


I start most Mondays by cycling along the Leeds & Liverpool canal to work. It’s a great way to prepare for the working week, as the exercise allows me to clear my mind before getting stuck into the world of code.

Nick - Cycling Leeds Canal

Cycling along the Leeds & Liverpool canal. Special thanks to Nick P for his “take a photo whilst cycling” skills!

Checking and responding to emails is usually the first task when arriving at the office. Making sure any weekend enquiries have been responded to and any web-related problems have been dealt with first.

The work schedule for the week is prepared from the previous week which allows me to dive straight into any existing projects. If we are dealing with a new task or project, then we will schedule a meeting in the shed and discuss the best way to move forward.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most productive days when creating a new website. If a task or website has been discussed on Monday, then my full development workflow will be active throughout the rest of the week. Our development will include the frontend/backend build of a website, setting up the CMS or any additional services our clients have specified.

Every developer requires good brain food to keep our high performance levels when coding (like an athlete), so office treats and eating delicious food is compulsory!

Brain Food! From LTR: B'day cake made by Kristina, Byron burger from Byron's, Chicken enchilada from Las Iguanas, Dominoes pizza office delivery)Brain Food!! From LTR: B’day cake made by Kristina, Byron burger from Byron’s, Chicken enchilada from Las Iguanas, Dominoes pizza office delivery)


Our Create team will have a catchup towards the latter part of the week to review the work that has been undertaken over the past few days. The meetings will highlight any particular tasks that need to be completed by the end of the week, and any additional tasks which will resume the following Monday.

Nick S desk

My super tidy desk (until 10 mins after this photo was taken)


Friday is the day to finish our current active tasks and prepare for the next working week. Any project work that has been active throughout the week will be reviewed to make sure that the specifications have been met. Any small development work can be launched on the Friday, but any large builds (e.g Websites) will be launched on Monday to allow our team to monitor the progress throughout the week.

At the end of the working week, we normally celebrate with a drink at one of our local venues and look forward to the weekend ahead!

Nick S - shooting some pool at Roxy's

Shooting some pool at Roxy’s (Nick S, Nick P, Eman, Ben)

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