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March 7th, 2016 in A Week in My Job 2 minute read


Back to work! Had a good weekend? Regardless, it’s Monday and there’s stuff to be done.

First on the agenda today, check weekend spend (honestly, I really have managed to keep off my Adwords & Bing Mobile Apps since Friday).  A scan though the previous week’s results and a month to date view gives me a heads up as to where we are and what the focus will be for this coming week.

Anything already not on my calendar gets planned in so we’re nice and organised for the rest of the week.

Monday is all about results.


If Monday is all about understanding results and analysis reports, Tuesday is all about communicating them to my clients. Its report day… EXCEL(lent!)

This is where we really get down to brass tacks. It’s about creating something useful for your clients and yourself, not just regurgitating figures. You gain great benefit from submerging yourself into this – I like to know all I can about the accounts I work on.

A Week in my Job: Duane


Its midweek and time to get down to the biometrics. This is the part of the job I can really get my teeth into. I’ve always been interested in engines and their mechanics and a bit of fine tuning here and there keeps the motor running smoothly on my client’s accounts.

Using my advertiser accounts and Analytics results, I look to see what needs prioritising now and what can be added to the ‘to do list’ for later.


Is Ad Day! The mornings are spent checking out my competitors and how my Ads have been performing.

Are results pleasing to the eye or are there areas we can improve on (always!). I set myself targets each month that are always above industry standards (it’s my competitive nature to push the envelope a bit) and here’s where I make sure it gets delivered.

A Week in my Job: Duane


The end of another week. Let’s see how we’re doing before we head into the weekend shall we?

Budget checks, Search Query Reports and a dig around Analytics gives me the low down on how we’re doing. There’s always some fine details to tune, but depending on the results we’re seeing, here’s where I start planning for what I want to achieve the following week.

In the afternoon, I like to spend an hour or two browsing through the latest blogs and news so I keep up with what’s happening in this ever changing industry.

A catch up meeting with my team members gives us the chance to bounce around new ideas and share any industry news we can all benefit from.

Is it really the weekend already? My week tends to go quickly at Zeal – there’s always so much going on!

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