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March 7th, 2016 in A Week in My Job 2 minute read

The term “Designer” in the context of Zeal encompasses everything from web design, creative idea generation through to full-scale video production. It is an exciting challenge not knowing what’s in store, but ever so satisfying to produce creative work over a complete range of mediums on a weekly basis.


After catching up with weekend emails with a cup of coffee, I spend some time trawling through design inspiration websites such as Its Nice That, Awwwards and Campaign, just to keep aware of current trends within industry.

We work concurrently with all departments in Zeal, so the first thing I like to do is plan out what kind of work might need to be done, and try and get the smaller tasks out the way to free up the rest of the week. This could be anything from social graphics to blog images, I couldn’t live without post-it notes!

A Week in my Job: Pratheep


This week in particular allowed me to stretch my legs by organising a photo-shoot for a new website design. It’s a great way to get the bespoke imagery we need, whilst getting our clients in on the creative process as well!

A Week in my Job: Pratheep


It is usually mid-week where any Video Production work takes charge, with the entire process of idea creation to storyboarding getting fully underway.  This can range from setting up a test shoot to see if an idea can work, or brainstorming a problem with Carl and Sam on the sofas. Unfortunately, this is also when the coffee machine gets its most abuse.

A Week in my Job: Pratheep


Anyone that has done creative work knows that you never switch off, or know where inspiration is going to come from, and so I try and collate any ideas that I might have had at home to bring to the table and inject into any of the projects we are working on.  (Waking up in the middle of the night with an initial idea happens way too often!). This is also the time where any ideas start to take shape, using Photoshop to visualise the concepts.

A Week in my Job: Pratheep

Keeping in tradition with the spontaneity of the role, I’m always aware that an email template or fast turn around web design is lurking round the corner. I also liaise with clients and keep up to date with their retainer work.


Being the last day I try and plan ahead to ensure any shoots/location scouts are confirmed, and update clients on progress of the projects we are directly working on. We also use Friday to plan and design any social posts or infographics needed for the following week. Any last minute changes or tweaks are occasionally done with a beer in hand, which is the perfect way to see in the weekend!

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