Blogger Of The Month: Annie from Tales of Annie Bean

Blogger Of The Month: Annie from Tales of Annie Bean

Round of applause for our Blogger of the month, Annie!

This month we’ve decided to focus our blogger of the month theme on fitness. In her inspirational fitness and travel blog,, Annie discusses her active lifestyle, exciting travel adventures and also a range of lifestyle topics. Annie is also a vlogger, talk about multi-talented!

So, on to what you’ve been waiting for! We’ve had the chance to do a Q&A with Annie, keep on reading for the full interview.

First of all congratulations, Annie! At Zeal we’re loving We like to start our interviews with these questions: When and why did you start blogging? What inspired you?

Thank you! I was really happy when you told me! So with regards to blogging I actually realised the other day it’s been 5 years! I actually started it out as a music blog because I was trying to work within the music industry. I had been living in Val d’Isere and moved home, and whilst hunting for work I blogged all about it. I went from music to the classic blogger, so of course, I went into fashion! I found it tough to stand out so when I got more confident I started to write about more of the things I really loved. Don’t get me wrong I like fashion but fitness and travel are my strongest passions.

What was it that got you into fitness and what advice would you give someone wanting to start a fitness blog?

I would suggest choosing something you love, if you love running start telling people about what you are doing. If you have a different themed blog I would start adding in a fitness post every so often to see how your current audience take to it. If they don’t get it then perhaps launch a separate blog, but gradually adding it in worked for me.

I have had a few hectic weekends but last weekend I had such an awesome run….so had to share this snap! Doing a beautiful trail route through the fields was just the ticket! I was really wanting to go further. Planning on a 10k trail next Sunday and a hike with Olly at some point as well. 🐶 Goodness I love this time of year… It is like every day becomes the perfect day for being active. Are you finding you're the same? How have your running routes been? 🏃 – – – #runforlife #running #run #runner #instarunner #instarunners #runnersworld #runnerscommunity #instarun #instarunning #trailrunning #getgoing #bodymindsoul #improvingmyself #challengingmyself #livestrong #sweatitout #runforfun #loverunning #happyrunner #nevernotrunning #runninggirl #runitface #fitnessblogger #keepfit #fitness #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #momentalikethese #strengthfeed

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We loved your Learning to Love Yourself blog post, what are your top tips for body confidence and keeping up motivation?

It can be very hard when you see so many girls and guys on social media with these chiselled bodies, living the high life… It can really make you feel bad about your appearance and lower your self-esteem. We are all built in different ways and it’s about embracing what you have. To keep motivated I follow like-minded influencers and avoid the ones that make me feel bad about myself – I mean where is the fun in that? Always fill your life with positive people and influences.

Has blogging helped you keep on track with fitness?

Totally! Gosh I have a mental battle most days where my bed feels extremely comfy as my alarm goes off at 6am, and I need to go do a HIIT session. I fight it and do what needs to be done. I always think to myself about my goal, and the fact I want to share with my readers how my training sessions are going. I obviously want to report back on the positive.

You also have a YouTube channel! Tell us more about it?

Yes I do! It’s a working progress. I love doing videos about all sorts, but my travel VLOGS are probably my favourite to do. I hope to do some fitness videos when I complete my personal training course.

What fitness trends do you see coming in 2017 and what are your fitness goals for the year?

I might be biased but I see triathlon on the rise. I think a lot more people are giving it a go and it’s going to be huge one day. For me, I have the great south run, a half marathon and a triathlon in a couple of weeks. After those are completed I hope to do another marathon!

Wowee, we hope you enjoyed our interview with Annie from! Thank you, Annie, for accepting our blogger of the month title and letting us interview you.

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