Blogger Of The Month: James Vincent

Blogger Of The Month: James Vincent

Let’s all give three cheers to our blogger of the month, Mr. James Vincent!

We had the pleasure of working with James in one of our campaigns, not only is he a phenomenal blogger at but a vlogger too, talk about Jack James of all trades!

James was lovely enough to let us interview him! Carry on reading and see what he has to say…

When and why did you start blogging? What inspired you?

I started blogging in 2015 as a new year’s resolution to myself. I wanted to start a blog for a range of reasons, but the two main ones were a promise to myself to try something new and the second was to prove so many people wrong.

When I was at university my knowledge of the blogging world was very limited until I met this girl in my lectures. She has a blog that she seemed to be passionate about. She would constantly talk about it and tell me what she was up to and the companies she was working with. I naturally took an interest as I was becoming more-and-more keen to start my own, I would regularly ask her questions about the industry and what she got up to on a daily basis.

As the time went on I eventually promised myself that I would definitely start my own. I approached her and told her I was thinking of doing it myself – naturally expecting her support.  To my surprise, she pushed me down quickly and emphatically.  She said, and I quote:  “Blogging is so hard, and it’s even harder for guys.  You won’t make it and you won’t be able to even get close to competing with female bloggers.” That quote stayed with me but it didn’t stop me.  It did the opposite! It drove me to become a determined and persistent blogger.  I admit it, I wanted to prove her wrong but that wasn’t the only reason.  I wanted to share how I saw the world and what really interests me.  Now I had a way that I could.

We love the quality of your Instagram page. What are your top tips on making your images insta-perfect?

The main advice I can give anyone to make their Instagram look perfect would be to be patient and don’t squeeze in mediocre images just to fill up your feed. If you don’t have any good photos to upload, don’t upload. It’s better to have a wider time between uploading than just uploading because you feel it’s necessary. Secondly, light is so important. Light can make such a difference between an ordinary photo and a perfect one. Learn about how light can impact on photos and what is the best time, angles and equipment you’ll need to achieve them.

What do you think has changed most in blogging culture/the blogging industry since you started?

I would say the biggest change in the blogging culture since I began is that brands, companies, and people are becoming savvier. Brands realise the potential of using bloggers over traditional marketing methods. I also believe bloggers are realising how important it is to respect their worth. Every blogger is their own journalist, photographer, editor and promoter.  That’s quite a skill base.  When you look at it like this then not doing work for free and requesting payment for content creation sounds downright reasonable.

Are there any challenges you face as a male blogger?

There will also be challenges in the blogging industry, but are these really any different to those faced by female bloggers? No. It’s true that the industry is dominated by women and there aren’t as many male bloggers but this doesn’t change anything. We both face the same challenges like receiving payment for work, collaborating with the right brands and delivering quality content that is relevant to our readers.

What do you enjoy most about blogging and has it changed your life, if so, how?

Blogging has changed my life in so many ways from starting out as something I enjoyed doing in my spare time to express my opinion and collaborate with brands has turned into a full-time job. Blogging every day, collaborating with amazing bloggers and working on some of the biggest campaigns with the most well-known brands in the world has given me a new sense of confidence. It also gave me the drive to learn new computer programs, try new things and meet new people.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to start a blog & becoming a male blogger?

Be You:

The most important tip I can give you is to-be-you. Don’t try and be someone else. Your viewers aren’t there to read that! Someone has come to your blog to read your blog posts, so give them what they want. Embrace your own personal uniqueness.

Old news, late news:

Never just repeat something you have seen elsewhere and thought, yeah I’ll just copy their blog post. Sure, of course, we take inspiration from other bloggers, that’s not a crime. But what you don’t want to do is a copy. Make sure you are being you and creating unique content for your readers.

Speaking your mind:

Honesty is the best policy; if you have an opinion, then speak it. Don’t waste time sidling around the question. Bloggers need to be honest and forthright, that way it’s a real blog post.  But, and this is important, free speech is great but so is respect for other people’s views, beliefs, and culture.

Good Photography:

Oh yes, this does help, it also helps with more collaborations. Having good photography makes such a difference in a blog, and remember at the end of the day: ‘A picture speaks 1000 words.’  Taking some time out of your day to learn product and people photography always helps your professionalism down the line.

Don’t give up:

I know so many bloggers who blogged for a few months, didn’t see themselves as the next biggest thing and went “This isn’t for me, forget it.”  Do this and you are just another blogger who gave up! Persistence is key in this industry.

Make Friends:

Making blogger friends helps a lot.  For example, if you are a female blogger the hashtag #GirlGang is a platform for all female bloggers to talk, collaborate and help each other out. For guys though it’s a bit more limited. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to other people and collaborate with them.

Reach out to companies:

Don’t wait for businesses to contact you; it’s like asking a girl out on a date. Be prepared to make the first move.  If you like a company or a brand and you think you can benefit them, reach out to them! What do you have to lose?

Lastly, we have been following your journey for some time and enjoyed it every step of the way, what can we expect from James in the rest of 2017?

You can expect big campaigns, significant changes, and cooler collaborations. It’s time to step up my game, keep my drive for this as a high as it was when I first started blogging and keep it in high gear all the way. By the way – no matter how good you are now it’s always the right time to step up your game and grab the next opportunity.

Sadly, that is the end of our spectacular interview,  we hope you enjoyed it! Thank you, James, for accepting our blogger of the month title and we wish you the best in your future ventures.

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