How to Use Social Media to Promote your Blog

How to Use Social Media to Promote your Blog

So you’ve spent hours/days/weeks creating content for your blog, or maybe you’ve created a killer blog post, but you aren’t getting much traffic onto your site… This is probably due to the fact that you’re not marketing your blog properly.
Most people use social media and it’s everywhere, but utilising it to share your content out for the world to see takes a little more time than just linking it to your twitter. We’ve compiled a few of the top ways to use social media effectively to promote your blog and increase traffic, you’ve worked so hard after all!

Pick the best social networks

Choosing the right platforms to share on is massively important, but something you shouldn’t do is share on any and every social networking site.
It’s essential to find out who your target reader is, before picking where to share, as you want to reach people who will want to read you blog. After you’ve identified which platforms your reader uses, you can begin work sharing on those. The networks we recommend are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
Another tip is to take a free course on Google Analytics so you can determine which sites bring in the most traffic for your blog!

Link your blog

This sounds really simple, but doing something as small as linking your blog in all of your social media bios can be a huge help in getting more traffic on your site, so get linking!


#Hashtags #are #super #important. The social media you should be using this for is Twitter, but you can also implement them onto Instagram and Facebook, but remember- Don’t overuse them! If you write more hashtags than actual words in a tweet your followers aren’t going to want to read it, so keep them relevant and stick to doing 3-5 per tweet.
The hashtags do the marketing for you and are a really simple way of getting your blog to reach a wider audience.

Use images

Tweets and Facebook posts with images get the most engagement, so when sharing your blog posts on these platforms, make sure to add an image with them. This could be an image used in the post, or a picture of your header – Whatever you think looks best, as visuals grab reader’s attention more than words.

Sharing on Facebook

This might sound simple enough, but sharing on Facebook successfully is a bit more effort than just posting a link to your content.
We recommend finding around 10 active groups relating to the theme of your blog (travel, fashion, beauty etc.) and sharing your post on each one. This is a really great way to get bloggers to read and share your content and you might even find some great blogs for yourself to look at!
Another great way to use Facebook is by asking family and friends to share some of your posts and even ask them to recommend it to friends.

Sharing on Google+

Some of you may have never used this platform before, but it’s a fab way of getting you blog out there. Build your profile and start looking for Google+ communities that relate to your theme and share your posts with them.

Share at the right time

This is a super important tip as sharing at the right time can mean a huge difference in how much traffic you get on your blog. You can easily find out when this is by simply Googling, but generally it tends to be early morning, lunchtime and evening. If you’re still stuck just think about the times you check social media and do it according to that.

Re-post old content

The more you blog, the greater of an archive you create, and it’s unlikely your followers have seen ALL of your posts, so re-posting them is a great way to get full exposure on them. You can also make them a little different when you re-post them by changing the title or intro, or even adding to it. Then, share them out onto your chosen platforms and watch the traffic roll in, you are an amazing blogger after all *flip hair emoji*.
Get sharing!

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