11 Free Editing Apps to Make Your Pictures Stunning

11 Free Editing Apps to Make Your Pictures Stunning

The perfect picture, it’s something everyone wants to achieve and with a little bit of editing that can be possible. We spent some time testing several photo editing apps to help you find the right app(s) with ease.

Some were absolutely phenomenal, others, not so much. To save you a lot of time, we created this list of our favourite photo editing apps. So if you’re a travel blogger, beauty blogger, food blogger or just enjoy taking pictures, here are our top 11 free editing apps to make your pictures extra-stunning.

Apps For Travel Bloggers

1. SNAPSEED (iOS and Android)

Snapseed is raved about all over the photography world. Snapseed is perfect for people who want or need to spend time creating the best image possible wherever and whenever. The app offers a very wide variety of filters to edit your photo perfectly suited to your taste and theme. What makes Snapseed especially suited to travel bloggers is the ‘Expand’ option in the app. This allows you to increase the size of your photos canvas by ‘expanding’ it, using content that is within the image, so if your photo didn’t manage to pick up the entire image, Snapseed has you sorted. Along with the filters, Snapseed also has an array of tools to further adjust your photos to your liking and style.

2. LENS DISTORTIONS (iOS and Android)

Lens distortion allows you to organically enhance your photo without making it look artificial. Within the app you get a wide array of light filters that can mimic the bokeh effect, lens scratches and light leaks; which can bring out the best in your images. The app is also very easy to use, maximising its potential. (Lens distortions also fits perfectly for food bloggers too!)

3. AFTERLIGHT (iOS and Android)

Afterlight is perfect quick way to spice up your photos. The app has 31 fully adjustable filters, which you can fuse to create your own individual filter (If you feel 31 isn’t enough!).  Afterlight offers a wide range of light leak effects which allow tour creativity to run free and can strongly enhance your photos. Afterlight has so many editing options, that you can easily survive on the free version without feeling the need to pay for extras. With all the tools and options Afterlight offers you, you have an endless platform to get creative and innovative with your photos that will make them stand out.

Apps For Beauty Bloggers

4. VSCO CAM (iOS and Android)

VSCO is perfect for bloggers trying to keep a consistent theme throughout your page. As well as a wide range of filters and editing tools, the app offers a ‘grid’ system, whereby all your edited photos can be placed systematically together, like an Instagram page- perfect for planning your theme!

5. BEAUTYPLUS (iOS and Android) 

With BeautyPlus you can edit almost any part of yourself. You can smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, make your eyes larger and brighter, get rid of acne, reshape your face, shrink your waist and emphasise other assets. The app is also really easy to use, making you feel like a professional in minutes. The filters within the app are also natural looking, so you don’t have to worry about looking artificial (just don’t go overboard with the retouching!)

Apps For Beginners


Fotograf is the foolproof app for beginners. It has a very straightforward and easy camera to use. A brilliant feature of Fotografs camera is that it allows you to take your photo in a filter- which makes the editing process that much easier (if you don’t know what you’re doing!). Fotograf also has a suitable range of basic fitlers, with the classic slider to adjust the intensity. Fotograf is perfect for beginners due to its basic but effective functions, which introduce you to the editing world and helps you build your basic editing skills.

7. AVIARY (iOS and Android)

Aviary is the perfect app once you have grown have your basic skills in place but aren’t ready to jump into a professional level app; a good stepping stone app. Aviary comes with 16 editing and enhancing tools to play around with to ensure a great picture. The app is very simplistic in its layout- so there’s no stress about getting lost within the app. Its basic yet effective functions create a very suitable app for people trying to develop their editing skills before diving into the professional apps.

Apps For Food Bloggers

8. FOODIE (iOS and Android)

As the name suggests, Foodie is a favourable app for bloggers wanting to edit their food to make it look as nice on their feed as it actually tastes in real life. The app comes with multiple functions to achieve this. The app helps determine the best lighting to get the perfect capture of the dish, by turning the shutter button yellow when in optimum position. Combining this with the 24 filters the app offers is sure to make anyone who sees the photo jealous! The filters come in ‘themes’ of the kinds of foods you could eat; ranging from ‘Fresh’ to ‘Barbeque’- to optimize the photo. Foodie is a great app to make any one who sees your photo envious!

9. FACETUNE 2 (iOS and Android)  

Even though traditionally a Face editing app (‘Face’tune). Facetune also works fantastically at editing your food photos! Such as removing blemishes from a plate. The wide range of tools and functions the app offers can help bring your food to life. Facetune is especially good at smoothing and toning- which equates to a great photo. The elephant in the room however when it comes to Facetune 2 is that you have to pay for most of the better features. The app can survive without it, yet if you are willing to spend the extra money they do enhance the apps capability. Facetune is also perfect for beauty bloggers!

Apps For Fun


Glitché is an app that distorts your photos in weird and wonderful ways. There are 26 different interactive filters which make playing around with your photos a truly fun editing experience. With little control over the filters movements, you will most likely never get the exact same picture twice- making your edits authentic and original (and who doesn’t want that!). Glitché is definitely a must have app if you’re looking to have some fun and get creative when editing your apps.

11. PRISMA (iOS and Android)

Prisma allows you to turn your photos into pieces of artwork that mimic famous artists such as Picasso and Mondrian. The app is also very basic to use, only having sliders to adjust the intensity of the filter, making it a plus for someone who isn’t especially brilliant at editing, but just wants to have a bit of fun. Prisma is a very basic editing app, but has great potential if wanting create art out of your photos.

We hope this blog post could help you find some cool photo editing apps to use! If you think it was helpful, please share on Twitter, and if you have any more tips let us know in the comments below.

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