What Makes a Great Lifestyle Blogger?

What Makes a Great Lifestyle Blogger?

How interesting is your life? Do you think that other people would enjoy reading about your travels, interests, experiences, and everyday events? Are you handy with a camera, and love illustrating your life with amazing pictures? All of this could make you a great lifestyle blogger, as well as bringing in a regular income for simply writing about you!

However, it’s not quite that simple (it never is), and behind every lifestyle blogger is a very busy writer creating entertaining, interesting content every single day. Lifestyle blogging isn’t all about sitting on a beach and idly tapping out a blog on your tablet while sipping a cold beer – it’s hard work, it’s demanding, and you have to be very good to make your mark.

What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is exactly what it says – online digital content that details the author’s everyday life and interests. That makes every single blog unique and highly personalised, and often very geographically focused too, unless your lifestyle involves a lot of travelling.

Lifestyle blogs appeal to people who are in the same or a very similar demographic to the writer. So a mother of two blogging about her everyday experiences as a busy modern mum is more likely to attract readers of a similar age, social demographic, and sex as her.

Lifestyle blogging can literally be about almost anything, from fashion and beauty to tech and engineering. Lifestyle bloggers can have a huge social influence compared to other online content creators, and often cross social media platforms to expand their audience and their reach. So a big part of lifestyle blogging is networking through to other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Being an expert in your niche

There are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of lifestyle posts uploaded every day. So how do you make yours stand out above the general internet background noise? The easiest way is to talk about a subject that you really know and understand, and develop a profile that identifies you as an expert in your particular niche.

Keep the niche small to begin with too – go up against a thousand busy modern mums’ lifestyle blogs and you’ll get lost in the crowd. But give it a unique twist, such as blogging about life as the mum of teenagers, and you immediately have a more personalised angle to promote your blog.

Intorlent Gourmant is the perfect example, she’s no ordinary food blogger but an allergy and free-from food blogger.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

…and takes up a lot less space! Populating your blog with really good images not only holds reader interest, but it makes your blog more appealing to search engines too, as visual content is now a key part of their search algorithms.

Flatlays (where the shot is taken from above, creating a picture that almost looks like a still-life painting) are great, and are especially effective if you blog about food, fashion, or products.

Make your pictures a stand-out feature of your blog. You don’t even need an expensive DSLR camera to create great shots, as a good quality camera phone will do just as well, and can be instantly uploaded to promote your blog on platforms like Instagram.

Great content

Blogging isn’t about writing a random post – it’s about carefully thought-out, well crafted content that grabs the reader’s attention. Fill it with typos, rambling run-on sentences, and poor grammar and your readers will quickly abandon your blog. Encourage your readers to interact with you by inviting comments at the end of each blog, or directing them to other platforms for a more personalised contact point (such as following you on Twitter or Facebook).


YouTuber Naomi Victoria does this very well on both her Instagram and YouTube. There is always a subtle colour theme within her Instagram feed and also keeps consistency in her YouTube videos.

Earning money from blogging

Lifestyle blogs are great fun. But if you’re going to invest a lot of time and effort into creating fantastic content, becoming a recognised expert commentator in your field, or inviting people to share your experiences, shouldn’t you also be making a little bit of money from it too?

Good lifestyle bloggers can attract the attention of products and companies, who will happily pay profile bloggers to market their products on the blog. Everything from product reviews to sidebar adverts can really bring in the cash.

Bloggers can have a massive influence on social media trends, and advertisers recognise this. So as long as you’re producing consistently good content that’s engaging, interesting, and popular, you could end up attracting some very influential brands to your blog too.

And the best bit? You’re writing about what you love, and you’re doing it from home. How cool is that!

If you have any other tips or want to learn more about our blogger network and how it can work for you then do get in touch!

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