What Makes a Great Photography Location for Bloggers?

What Makes a Great Photography Location for Bloggers?

When it comes to blogging, we all know that words are important. But images play a significant role, too, and you can use them to speak to your audience in a totally different way. A picture really can be worth a thousand words, especially to the search engines that list your blogs too.

Today, with so much technology at your fingertips, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take make your shots a success. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on hiring one either. Just a little bit of forward planning can make all the difference; for example, picking the right location can really bring your shots to life. Here are a few top tips to get the most out of every shoot.

Location, location, location…

We’ve all heard it before, but you should never underestimate the power of the right location. It can help you tell a story, show off your style, and reveal your personality. And it’s another way to engage with your readers, too.

If you’re taking photos for your blog in the comfort of your own home, that’s great. You can create the backdrop you want, and you’ll have the freedom to experiment with different set-ups to see what works. But if you want to head out into the world and scout out locations, there are lots of things to think about to ensure you get the perfect. Here are a few top tips to get the most out of every shoot.

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Look for brilliant backdrops

When you start looking for them, you’ll start seeing potential backdrops everywhere. Keep an eye out for coloured walls down side streets; maybe it matches the theme of your blog, Siobhan from justauniform.com is an amazing example. Or if you’re going for an edgy look and feel, graffiti can be really effective. Even the texture of the garage door could help bring out the best in the subject of your photo. And the local gardens and parks could be just the place when the flowers are blooming.

Find a quiet spot

When you find a quiet spot for a photograph away from the crowds, it can make your life a lot easier. You won’t have to wait for crowds disperse to get the shot you’re after. And if you’re taking a photo of someone (or someone’s taking a shot of you), it’ll help the subject feel at ease.

If the place you want to shoot is always busy during the daytime, it’s worth remembering that the early bird catches the worm. Consider getting up in the early hours of the morning and heading to your destination to beat the crowds.

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Always be unique

There’s no harm in looking at other blogs, Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards for inspiration. But when it comes to creating your own content you need to be original. Choosing unexpected locations will create intrigue among your audience, and show them you’re no run-of-the-mill blogger.

But if you’re heading off to a popular destination and you want to shoot a tourist hotspot (perhaps the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building), make sure you try and look at it from a different angle. Think about how you can showcase this place in a different way and you’ll really show off your creative side.

Still wondering where to visit? Well here’s are a few of our favourite locations perfect for any photography.

If you have any other tips or want to learn more about our blogger network and how it can work for you then do get in touch!

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