Podcast or Blog – Which Is The Best Fit For You?

Podcast or Blog – Which Is The Best Fit For You?

When it comes to building your brand, content marketing is a valuable tool. Podcasting and blogging are two exciting ways to deliver your message to your audience. There’s a case for and against both – so we’ve put together a brief guide to help you figure out which format is best for you.

And remember, it isn’t just about what you want to do – you also need to consider which format will work best for your particular audience. After all, if they don’t get your message, you won’t get the results you want.

Why podcasting?

  • Showcase your personality.

Whether you fancy yourself as a comedian or an authority on a particular subject, your unique tone and style can come through in a podcast. And it’s a brilliant way to show off your personality and who you really are – quirks and all – something that isn’t quite so easy to do in a written blog post.

  • It feels real.

Questions, answers, real-life chats – when you do a podcast right, the natural energy is all part of the charm. You’re listening to a real-life person and their conversations with others, and it makes your listeners feel like they’re in on something. And once they’ve been listening for a while, you might even feel like a friend.

  • It isn’t too late.

It may feel like anyone and everyone is trying their hand at podcasting, but the medium is definitely growing in popularity. If you’re ever going to give it a go, now’s the time – there’s always room for top-quality content.


Stuff to consider…

  • We can’t deny that podcasting requires a little bit of technical know-how. You’ll need to plan, record, edit and upload your episodes before anyone can actually listen to them.
  • If you’re conducting an interview or decide to have a co-host, this will add an extra layer of organisation.  
  • You should also be careful about what you say – because you don’t want to leave yourself open to misinterpretation. If you want to present a professional message then work from a script. Don’t try ‘winging it’!

Why blogging?

  • It’s easy to write what you mean

When you write a blog post, you can spend your time thinking about each word you’re writing. That means you can always present your piece in an articulate and well-thought-out manner. If your point isn’t coming across exactly how you want it to, you’ll have the freedom to rewrite it as many times as you like, before you ‘go live’ with it.  

  • Make the most of search engine optimisation (SEO)

While your podcast won’t necessarily be hosted on your own website, complete with notes about each show, your blog posts will. When you make the most of SEO , you can make it easy for new and current readers to find your blog posts.  

  • It doesn’t take up too much time

We know writing a blog post can take a long time, especially when you factor in edits, rewrites and final proofs. But the truth is that you don’t have to spend all the time in the world on every post. You can mix it up depending on your schedule. And another bonus is that it takes less time for your audience to engage with a blog post than a podcast.

Stuff to consider…

  • There are so many blog posts today that it can be easy to be ignored – so make sure you keep it original. Rope in the help of experts if necessary.
  • Always make sure what you write reflects your brand’s personality and appeals to your audience.
  • Check spelling and grammar, and check it again – incorrect spelling and bad grammar is a sure-fire way to give a bad impression and lose readers.
  • Always encourage the reader to interact with a CTA at the bottom.

The verdict?

If you like to have a chat and you’ve got the technical know-how (or you’re willing to learn), then why not give podcasting a go? And if you prefer to write, then blogging will be right up your street.

You could even give both a go if you wanted to – what’s stopping you? The most important thing is that your content is interesting, well presented, unique, and shareable. This will boost the presence of your brand, show off your personality, and lead to even more business.

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