Please Welcome Georgette to Zeal Buzz!

Please Welcome Georgette to Zeal Buzz!

We would like to welcome Georgette, our newest member to the Zeal team! What better way for our readers to get to know a little more about her than through a Zeal Buzz Q&A session.

Firstly, welcome to Zeal Buzz! So, let’s start with the introductory bit’s, what were you doing before Zeal and why Zeal now?

Thank you, it feels great to be part of such an amazing team and agency. So, life before Zeal? Well I previously worked for a Local Authority Children’s Services and as much as I enjoyed my time there I had always been passionate about the digital world, social media, blogging and photography.

I decided to take a sabbatical from…well life and went off for six months to solo travel which has been one of my biggest achievements. I guess it was during this time away that I knew I wanted to focus on having a career I truly loved, in an area I was passionate about. I came back from travelling determined, found Zeal and the rest is history.

That’s pretty cool! As a blogger yourself, what is it you like about the power of blogging and influencer marketing?

Being a millennial, it has been incredible to see the way the world has changed in terms of social media and the power that influencers have on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and their personal blog.  Like everyone else, I follow many bloggers across social media who I know have certainly influenced me whether that be through brands I feel I can trust and buy from, my style and so on.

Who would you say is your favourite influencer currently?

As someone who loves to travel, I would have to say my favourite influencer is Kiersten Rich, also known as The Blonde Abroad. She instantly inspired me because she’s a solo female traveller, I think her work is amazing and her Instagram is simply #Goals!

What has been your favourite campaign you have worked on so far?

That’s a little tricky to answer since I am still so new. But I would have to say Bed Guru. I loved the blogger outreach work we did around storage beds, each blogger created such cool posts on utilising storage space and had tips that I hadn’t considered myself. Plus, Bed Guru ran an amazing giveaway and who wouldn’t want to win a brand new ottoman divan bed?!

Keeping on the theme of blogger outreach, do you have any predictions for the route and development of influencer marketing?

I think the more social media continues to grow, the bigger influencer marketing will become. I believe that customers need to trust brands before they either buy or covert. And just like you would trust a close friend or family member with their recommendation it’s the same when it comes to influencers; especially if it’s an influencer you follow very closely.

What are you most excited about working at Zeal Buzz?

Other than the amazing campaigns we have coming up, I’m really excited about developing my skills here at Zeal Buzz! I have learnt so much in the short time I have been here and have so much more to learn which, I’m sure anyone who has ever welcomed a career change will understand how overwhelming that can be. Luckily, I have a very wonderful team around me who are supporting me all the way.

Let’s end of something fun, tell us one random fact about you!

That’s a good one, let me think! Well, when I was 18 years old, I was lucky enough to dance at the IDO World Championships in Germany. This is one of the highlights in my dancing career and a pretty random fact that not many people know.

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